The Prayer

My past is checkered,
My friend are few.
God, I seek answers,
Of what I should do.

Can I find mercy?
When I've shown none.
Is there hope for me,
For the things I have done?

Is there peace for me?
No matter my wealth.
Is there really healing for my body,
When in poor health?

Does God love a man,
Such as I?
If I were God...
I wouldn't even try.

Is God so full
of compassion and care?
That He'd love a man,
People can't bear.

Forgive me God,
I don't know how to pray.
But these are the questions,
I have this day.

God, your book says,
If I ask from my heart.
You'll wipe away the slate,
And I'll have clean start.

Well God,
This is all I know to say.
But from now on,
I'll follow your way.

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