Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance,
Jesus is mine.
Says the words of a hymn,
from olden times.

Fire insurance is bought,
to protect from a blaze.
But their are many who buy, 
 never intending,
 to change their ways.

Blessed assurance is for all,
who wish one day, 
with God to dwell.
Fire insurance is for those,
just hope to miss hell?

Many have been told,
do as you did,
 do as you've done.
For all is now covered.
By God's Son.

But that won't line up,
with the things Jesus taught.
Somewhere along the way,
man seems to have forgot.

Doctrines of devils,
and tickling of ears.
Have drawn large crowds,
down through the years.

Blessed assurance,
is still for all who love Him.
Fire insurance,
is still,
 for all who love sin.

John 5:14