One Was Worthy!

In a garden of perfection,
ages ago.
 Man was still sinless,
as we all know.

Then man welcomed,
something new in the land.
It was sin,
man was then banned.

Satan called out,
with a proud voice.
"I've caused them to sin,
man has no choice."

Then God spoke clearly,
through time and space.
"Who among you is worthy,
to take mans place?"

Heaven stood silent,
not a voice was heard...
Then echoing through Heaven,
Spoke God's Holy Word!

"I AM Worthy."
I'll take their place.
Put upon Me,
their sin and disgrace.

Through tortuous pains,
no man should endure.
He was the sacrifice,
Holy and Pure.

Mans redemption from sin,
the way has been made.
Only...through Jesus,
and the price that He paid.

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