Saved or Deceived?

Saved or deceived,
which am I?
Living for God,
or living a lie.

Do I embrace the sins,
of my life before?
Or am I sold out,
 to God,
down too the core?

Do I really know,
I am born again?
Or is this just a mask,
to cover my sin?

Will God say welcome,
when my life is done?
Or depart from me,
you evil one?

These are questions,
all believers ask themselves,
one time or another.
For to judge ones own heart,
leaves no room,
for the judgment of others!



Eternity Calls

Where will we be,
in a thousand years?
Rejoicing with Jesus,
or dwelling in a place,
of regrets​ and fears?

Will we have met,
the apostles of old?
Or have been in torment
for what seems like...
 time untold!

By then...
 time will have gone and went!
And opportunity's wasted,
will now be,
eternally spent!

The just and the unjust,
are each promised their day.
Both promised eternity,
both promised their pay.

Eternity for all...
will know no end!
And for all mankind,
   it's waiting for them...


Every Knee Shall Bow

There is coming a day,
the likes the world hasn't seen.
When arrogance will die,
as all pride does wean.

For on that day,
the True Son will shine.
His Majesty in view,
as the world waits in line.

One by one,
 all will come to honor our King.
And the words from their mouths,
shall say the same thing.

Jesus is Lord,
are the words they will say.
And yes,
every knee shall bow,
 on that day!


Foolish Pride

Flattering words,
they sing to mans ear.
Building mans pride,
while calming his fear.

Now flattery it seduces,
those who pay heed.
For it speaks to mans wants,
but not to his needs.

Only the foolish believe,
all that they're told.
So the pride of the foolish,
is a pride that's bold.

So remember next time,
when words start to sing.
Humility is an old song,
it's the song of The King.


When the Glory Came Down

I am told of the times,
when the glory came down.
God’s very presence,
in view from the ground.

Mans flesh became witness,
to the power of God’s own hand.
 As the glory came down,
in the presence of man.

The Red Sea held back,
as God’s people walked through.
Pharaoh’s army all drowned,
as they tried to pursue.

A cloud by day,
a fire by night.
The mountain trebling,
Moses face lit bright.

The sun moved not,
as Aarons arms were lifted high.
Jericho’s walls, fell as hard,
as hail from the sky.

Do we as God’s people,
think the Glory’s all gone.
Has the God who made us,
left us all alone?

Are we to be like those,
sentenced to wander the wilderness till death.
Because we refused,
God’s very best!

Oh GOD, send your glory,
to visit our land.
May the world again be witness,
to Your Mighty Hand.

Praise be The GOD of Glory!


Out of the Darkness

Imprisoned in the darkness,
of a stone cave.
Lay the Light of the World,
in darkness's grave.

As the stone sits tight,
against the mouth of the tomb.
The darkness below,
spoke of His doom.

"Son of the Mighty,
who came from on high."
"Now darkness is your lord,
and in this darkness you will cry."

"But now mans seen your light,
for the very last time."
And for the rest of eternity,
your soul is mine."

The Light stood silent,
just as before.
For three days of darkness,
but not one more!

Then suddenly the darkness,
split straight in two.
And as the Light grew stronger,
the darkness withdrew.

No devil, no hell, no darkness,
could hold.
The Light of the World,
and a Spirit so bold!


Praise! Praise!! Praise!!!

Let the praises of God,
fill my mouth.
May I roar like a lion,
not squeak like mouse.

Through the words of praise,
mountains will fall.
As we lift up His name,
and answer His call.

To praise our God,
destroys the yoke.
When times are tight,
and we're feeling the choke.

The habitation of God,
comes down to our praise.
As we lift up His name,
and delight in His ways.

Let the praise of God's people,
be a worshipful thing.
For through their praise,
His presence it brings.


Love and Kindness

Love and kindness,
come from the same one.
He is the Master,
God's Only Son.

Mercy not sacrifice,
does He seek.
Not only in deeds,
but when we speak.

A kind word here,
a giving heart there.
To someone in need,
is an answered prayer.

For when you are down,
and think no one cares.
Look to the heavens,
for He hears your prayers.

He's waiting there,
His arms open wide.
Not only to love you,
but to stand by your side.


God Most High

Oh God, Most High,
maker of everything.
You are awesome in power,
and in the love that You bring.

When the words are sung,
their is none other like You.
Few realize,
these words are true.

With the most colorful imagination,
that man can explore.
It falls short of the majesty,
of The God I adore.

Most High, Your ways are holy,
Your heart so pure.
With all that life offers,
only in You am I sure.

Your ways never change,
oh Holy One.
You are the same this day,
as when time begun.

Psalm 7:10


By His Own Blood!

The Messiah hung dying,
between heaven and hell.
While the crowds, 
mocked His name,
as His blood fell.

His blood shed on a tree,
of the roughest of wood.
Of the crowd down below Him,
none understood.

They said, “He’s a man,
just like all that are here”.
But you see,
 deception was in place,
so that redemption 
could draw near.

By His blood,
the law was now grace.
The scriptures fulfilled,
with mercy in place.

A life that was sinless,
for all sinful lives.
Blood that’s eternal,
for blood that dies.

The crowd never realized
what they had seen.
Only the death of one man,
not what it could mean.

For on that day,
 He was rejected as King.
But life by His own blood,
is what He did bring.

Romans 16:25-26


God of Forever

be the GOD of Forever.
For He is always welcome,
 in this place.

For through His Spirit,
and by His Son.
He is God,
and He's the only one.

But as time marches on,
man seems to have forgot.
Who God is,
and who He is not.

When all was dark,
before time began.
He was God,
Before there was man.

It was God who spoke,
and all became whole.
From the land to the sea,
too man's very soul.

He is still GOD,
and yes, He is still there.
He's the God of Forever,
and He still cares!

Genesis 1:1


New Wine

There are many things that intoxicate,
the senses of the mind.
But to intoxicate mans spirit,
there's only one to find.

Now our flesh has the ability,
to drink of the fruit of the vine.
But our spirit calls higher,
for it seeks new wine.

Wine not of man,
nor the fruits of the field.
For this wine pours only,
for those who will yield.

New wine in old bottles,
would surely break the glass.
For this New Wine of the present,
was foretold in the past.

Joel wrote,
"upon your sons and daughters,
The Spirit shall pour out."
From Pentecost to present day,
that's what New Wine's about.


One Little Drop

Clouds drift in,
moisture begins to build.
Then the clouds break open,
as rain begins to spill.

 One drop in time,
just a one time drop.
Origin from above,
sent from the top.

Just one little drop,
headed for the ground.
Lost among the masses,
all headed down.

Just a vapor in time,
falling to earth.
Sent for a purpose,
to add to it's worth.

Unsure of who it may touch,
as it flows strait down.
Given just a moment,
then on to the ground.

12:7 And the dust returns to the ground it came
from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.


Forgiveness is...It

Don't just seek forgiveness,
speak forgiveness.
Don't just expect it,
direct it!

Don't just hide in it,
abide in it.
Don't just wish it,
fruition it!

Don't just listen,
as others sing it's song.
When it's time,
sing along!

Don't just think about it,
do something about it!
Don't just fish for it,
fish with it.

Don't capitalize,
on it!
by it.

Don't just sense it,
dispence it.
Don't just get it,
give it!  


The Best Is Yet To Come

As we look back,
and begin to reminisce.
We weigh our failures,
against our success.

We tend to weigh our losses,
against our gains.
And discover, our real losses,
were the ones with names.

We ponder our own history,
then wonder whats to come.
As life has written another chapter,
forgetting none!

We look to a future,
filled with uncertainty with man.
While realizing, certainty only comes,
with God's plan.

Certainty is not certainty,
less it's written in God's Word.
For the promises of man,
is just air that's heard!

Not with politicians,
nor corporate powers.
For all are subject to God,
in their finest hours.

All are guaranteed,
to see both, rain and sun.
But there will come a day,
when each life, is said and done.

At that very moment,
judgement will doom some.
But for those who knew Jesus,
The best is yet to come!