The Best Is Yet To Come

As we look back,
and begin to reminisce.
We weigh our failures,
against our success.

We tend to weigh our losses,
against our gains.
And discover, our real losses,
were the ones with names.

We ponder our own history,
then wonder whats to come.
As life has written another chapter,
forgetting none!

We look to a future,
filled with uncertainty with man.
While realizing, certainty only comes,
with God's plan.

Certainty is not certainty,
less it's written in God's Word.
For the promises of man,
is just air that's heard!

Not with politicians,
nor corporate powers.
For all are subject to God,
in their finest hours.

All are guaranteed,
to see both, rain and sun.
But there will come a day,
when each life, is said and done.

At that very moment,
judgement will doom some.
But for those who knew Jesus,
The best is yet to come!