Golgotha's Hill

The Messiah hung dying,
between heaven and hell.
While the crowds, 
mocked His name,
as His blood fell.

His blood shed on a tree,
of the roughest of wood.
Of the crowd down below Him,
none understood.

They said, “He’s a man,
just like all that are here”.
But you see,
 deception was in place,
so redemption could draw near.

By His blood,
the law was now grace.
The scriptures fulfilled,
with mercy in place.

A life that was sinless,
for all sinful lives.
Blood that’s eternal,
for blood that dies.

The crowd never realized
what they had seen.
Only the death of one man,
not what it could mean.

For on that day,
 He came not,
to rule as their King.
But life by His death,
is what He did bring.

Romans 16:25-26