Let the rain of heaven,
Come now and fall.
For this ground so dry,
Is beginning to call.

Open your windows,
And go out to the field.
For though this lands been dry,
It's preparing a yield.

A harvest is coming,
From this dry hard ground.
Seeds once lost,
Shall now be found.

Rain is coming,
Can you smell it in the air?
For this rain that's coming,
Is an answer to prayer.


The Prodigal

God, do You remember me?
From a few years back?
I was doing pretty good,
as a Christian...
as a matter of fact.

I know... I said then,
we would talk a lot more.
I guess I haven't did much,
 to improve our rapport.

I kind of stopped reading,
and praying each day.
Before long I was back
to my old sinful ways.

In case You didn't notice,
but the... sin found me.
Every club that I went to,
it just wouldn't let me be.

So as You guessed,
I finally gave in.
Many times I wanted to call You,
But I was too ashamed,
 Because of my sin.

I kept telling myself,
well, God understands!
He knows that I'm weak,
I'm only a man.

Someone finally told me,
all Christians fall.
They just don't stay down,
 they know Who to call.

I just thought my actions,
were worse than most.
Because mine began as good
then kinda bad...
 then not even close.

But today I sat down,
and opened my Bible.
I read the account of a father,
and a son, called the prodigal.

I feel like I know this guy,
inside out.
You see I've been there,
I know what he's about.

You see Father, I'm sorry,
and though my sins are well known.
I was just wondering,
 I could come home?



Is there anything in life,
 More feared than death!
Even the forgotten and cast down,
Still draw breath!

 Do we fear death?
For the sake of the unknown!
Or is it simply the idea,
That all leave alone!

The Bible says, fear and punishment
Go hand and hand!
For all who reject, Christ,
 The Son of Man!

But for the Christian,
Deaths legs are now lame!
For as the Apostle Paul told Christians,
“To die is gain!”

Yes all our lives
 Will cease one day!
It seems so inconceivable to man,
By their earthly ways!

Many act as if,
Death will never come!
But let me assure you,
 death visits all,
Not just some!

Most fear death,
 Because they know not what awaits!
Will it be hell?
Or the pearly gates!

Christians know!
When their life ends!
The time they have longed for,
Finally begins!

So grieve not for Christians,
Who draw their last breath!
For though death may have come!
 With Jesus... they left!


Spiritual Health?

Man has always sought,
extravagant things.
Hoping for fulfillment,
in the moments they bring.

Some live to obtain,
only material's, and wealth.
These are not concerned,
with their spiritual health.

The wants of man,
have always exceeded his needs.
The same is true,
for his words and his deeds.

Man is still full,
 of the lust of the eye.
But all our earthly toys stay here,
on the day that we die.

Have you laid up treasures,
where the thief doesn't roam?
Or are they simply the things,
that clutter your home?

Do we build gods in the wilderness,
made of our own gold?
While we worship our works,
and forsake our soul?


The Holy Spirit

May The Spirit of The Lord,
be our guide this day.
May we hearken to His words,
in all our ways.

For He is the teacher,
God has sent to the church.
And the hearts of all men,
He also does search.

He is the Spirit of Evangelism,
calling all from their sin.
For only by The Spirit,
does conviction begin.

He never speaks of himself,
or what He can do.
Rather only of Jesus,
and His words are true.

Without Him a word,
 is just a word.
But with Him,
It becomes life that's heard.

Without Him,
We all walk alone.
But with Him,
He walks us home!

We call to you,
 this day Holy Spirit.
Speak to us with words of any size!
For even with foolishness,
You confound the wise.


A Fisherman's Tale

I was just a fisherman,
by trade.
By the work of my hands,
my living was made.

Until the day,
I met a teacher of God's Word,
These truths that He spoke,
never had I heard.

I thought Him to be,
like a prophet of old.
Little did I know,
He was the Savior foretold.

When He spoke,
all gave an ear.
He taught love and forgiveness,
for all to hear.

He taught that it is better,
to give than receive.
And that God rewards,
those that believe.

His Words were like water,
that gave men life.
Never conceded,
never in strife.

But for those who feared Him,
with rage they did burn.
With hearts so hard,
refusing to turn.

Then one night...
 they came and they took Him,
on the charge of a lie.
Two days later,
He was sentenced to die.

Wrapped in grave clothes,
and buried in a cave.
We thought all was now lost,
for all, He had gave.

 All believed...
they'd seen the last of Him.
But on the third morning,
He arose... my friend!


Ancient of Days

On throne so pure,
it appears like fire.
At a place so high,
none can go higher.

Sits God, so holy,
in His glory and power.
As the scent of mercy and grace,
fills His tower.

At the sound of His voice,
time stands still.
As He stretches forth His hand,
death is quelled.

To stand in His presence,
all evil must flee.
To accept His Son,
sets one free.

Millennium's pass,
yet He remains the same.
As His Spirit and Word,
still honor His name.

Who is so mighty,
That He never changes His ways?
Only, The God of Forever,
The Ancient of Days!


The God of Forever

Praised, be the God of Forever.
For this earth is His place.
The giver of all life,
The God of all grace.

For through His Spirit,
and yes, by His Son.
He is God,
and He's the only One.

But as time marches on,
man has forgot.
Who God is,
and who He is not.

When all was dark,
before time began.
He was God,
before there was man.

It was He who spoke,
and all became whole.
From the land to the sea,
to mans very soul.

He's still God,
and yes He's still there!
He's the God of Forever,
and... He still cares.


The Rescuer of Our Souls

Lost on an island,
just waiting to die.
 My days ran together,
as time passed me by.

No ship on the horizon,
no planes overhead.
 If they do ever find me,
 by then... I'll be dead.

Hope began fleeting,
in all my days lost.
Will no one come,
am I not worth the cost?

When mans days were at it's darkest,
and it appeared like no one would come.
Jesus stepped out of heaven
His mission,
 rescue all...not some.

No matter your island,
no matter its place.
You maybe lost in this world,
but you need not remain lost to His grace.

One rescued all,
from our sin and our shame.
The rescuer of our souls,
Jesus by name!

Finder of the lost,
and the rescuer of all men.
For all have been marooned,
hopeless by sin.

No one need remain,
A castaway anymore.
Your rescue is at hand,
His ship is ashore.