A Moment With The Son

In this life we all strive,
For our moment, in the sun.
We take great joy
In momentarily, being number one!

I would gladly trade them all
For one moment with The Son.
I would gladly return all my days,
Of being number one!

I would return my rewards, my achievements
 My accolades, of this earth.
To stand one moment,
With The First of First.

In His presence
Where no evil can stand!
I would gladly bow my knees,
As He took my hand!

How could I stand knowing,
He paid for my sin,
 with His own Blood.
And endured my punishment,
Upon that cross of wood?

If I had but that one moment,
Would I ever be the same?
As I looked upon Him,
Who took my shame?

Him, Who endured suffering,
Beyond the measure of man.
That we should never suffer like that,
 If we took His hand.

When I returned,
Would I be as I was before?
Or would,
 just one moment with The Son,
Leave me longing for more?