The Saltiness of the Believer

Time has a way,
Of decomposing all things.
Be they mineral or organic,
Time is the culprit,
 For the rot that it brings.

Ship’s made to sustain,
An enemies torpedo shot!
Lay at the bottom of the ocean,
Engulfed in rot!

Planes that once flew,
Record heights.
Now sit rusting alone
Incapable of flight!

Much is lost,
To time and rot.
For when one is not preserved,
Time demands, that they be forgot!

The Bible tells Christians,
“You are the salt of the earth.”
But if we lose of our savor,
Then what are we worth?

Salt preserves,
Though the saltless rot!
Salt leaves a taste after it’s gone,
The saltless does not.

Will we be that taste
Not soon to be forgotten.
Or will we be earthly,
Just forgotten and rotten?