The Alone Highway

I met Him on a highway,
I sometimes traveled on.
Rarely seeing anyone,
on the highway called, Alone.

Passers by, did just that,
as they kept on their way. 
So I thought it strange,
as He stopped to talk that day.

He joked about the highway,
and the roughness of the road.
Then He asked if I went this way,
even with...a heavy load?

Yes I said, many times and the highway,
makes me more weary by the day.
Many times I've wondered why,
as I travel on my way.

Then He asked, if He could carry,
the heaviest of my load.
This seemed so out of place,
on a rough and weary road.

He said, everyday I walk this highway,
with the weary and beaten down.
Willing to carry what they will allow,
as I try to keep them, from falling to the ground.

Many times I offer,
and sometimes I'm turned down.
Later, I always find those,
 crushed...on the ground.

Strange I said,
You willing to help us , who walk alone?
Then as we topped the last hill,
I turned to thank Him, but my friend was gone.

As I headed on,
my load seemed lighter than before.
Was it just my second wind?
Or was it something more?

Now for those who must travel,
The Alone Highway.
Take comfort my friends,
help is waiting on the way!


Just Past the Bend

In life we know,
that death must come.
And yes, it comes for all,
not just some.

Since I've gone first,
please don't cry.
For now my home,
is beyond the sky.

I no longer have worries,
or any pain.
There is no stress here,
or any strain.

Why the only thing missing here,
is you my friend.
But there's a mansion,
 reserved in your name,
just past the bend.

You won't disappoint me,
if you're a little late.
Up here, it hardly seems,
like having to wait.

Tell all who'll listen,
that Jesus is the key.
For without Him,
they can't come,
 with you and me.

I won't say goodbye,
 because I'll see you again.
You see my mansion is next door,
just past the bend.


Down......But Not Out!

The strongest among us,
still fall down.
With the cares of this life,
and it’s problems...all around.

We fight day to day,
with this temple of skin.
Then add in the world,
and all of its sin.

We fight with the devil,
and with our pet peeves.
The cares of this world,
 challenge all that believe.

I know there are moments,
when it feels like... that’s it!
I can’t take anymore,
not one little bit.

Then the devil arrives,
 to tell you more junk.
He says, you’ve blown it this time,
your Christian ship...has sunk.

Dust yourself off,
there from where you lay.
For though the righteous may fall, a new day.

You are not forgotten,
nor have you been cast aside.
The Lord is your refuge,
and in abide.

You are still loved,
just remember, 
 fight the good fight.
For as surely as The Son shines,
there will be nights.

The storms of this life,
Will come to us all.
 With plans to blow us about!
Those gust...may bend us down,
But remember Child of God,
We’re still not out!


The Fire

As Shadrach,
 Meshach, and Abednego,
awaited what would be, sure fire.
They held on to the hope,
of He that is Higher.

Facing a furnace,
of consuming flames.
Their faith wavered not,
in the enemy's games.

They would not bow,
nor worship the kings gold.
For they refused to sellout,
their heart and their soul.

Though cast alive,
 into the fire.
Let GOD be true,
and man be a liar.

Though the fire did burn,
out of control.
Loss came to the enemy,
not to the fold.

Awaiting all,
 who will not waver.
In the midst of any fire,
stands our Savior.

And though our flames,
still burn by the enemies hand.
Just remember,
 in the midst of the fire,
stands The Son of Man.

 Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king, True, O king
 He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.
Daniel 3:24-25 


Eye of the Storm

In the eye of a storm,
You find its greatest calm.
But to do so,
 You must first,
Face its strongest winds ,
And fiercest rains.

While you rest ,
In the eye of the storm,
Knowing that destruction,
 lay behind you.
And even awaits you, 
Take heart in the fact,
That no matter, 
How destructive the outside.

In the heart...
 There is always peace.
In life we have few options,
 In times of storms.
We can run from them, 
Hide from them.
Or hope they change their course.

But rarely do storms of life,
 Change course.
It is we who change our course.
With the hopes that the storms will not,
Come near or harm us.

So when our lives,
 are filled with storms.
And we must endure them.
Know that there is peace...
 In the heart.
It is we that must find it.


One Little Action

As we continue to walk,
this Christian trail.
Let our hearts be true,
lest we all fail.

For this walk is not about,
being number one.
But rather, being a disciple,
of God's Holy Son.

So is too much,
to do a kind deed.
 Be they physical, or spiritual,
 all have need's!

One little action,
speaks louder than words.
For kindness is an action,
not to be heard.

Yes it's important,
what we think and we say.
But the two with no action,
will just... fade away.



  When man was still young,
still fresh from the dust.
In an hour of weakness,
man gave into lust.

The serpent had promised,
God's wisdom you see.
But God had told man,
"don't eat of that tree".

For on that day,
when man disobeyed.
Perfection was then broken,
sin was then made.

In the history of man,
and the origin of sin.
Lust is the place,
it all did begin.

Lust of the eye,
 a wanting of things.
Wanting whatever,
whatever it brings.

Lust of the flesh,
one of the most dangerous of sins.
For this is the place,
fornication begins.

Since the first day,
that man welcomed lust.
He's sought new ways,
to revile and disgust.

In the thousands of years,
from the day it did start.
 Mans still seeks new ways,
to harden his heart.


The Word of God

The Word of God,
is thousands of years old.
But the truth's of it pages,
are still being told.

Now time has a way,
to rot paper and print.
But not the truth that's in them,
or how it was meant.

From banning to burning,
this is the book...
 man can't destroy.
For it's still God's Word,
not mans toy!

From the corridors of Heaven,
God's voice has been heard.
If not through one single sound...
just by His Word!


The Big Picture

Are we so overcome,
by the trials we endure?
That our focus is blurred,
in the One we are sure.

We see our current problems,
as larger than life.
Then we question has God forgotten us,
in all this strife.

We wonder, doesn’t God see,
what I’m going through?
Will I have to go it alone,
in the things that I do?

Forgotten you are not,
but loved you are!
But no one escapes a world,
of sin...
 without a few scars.

Dark seasons still visit,
 the most pure at heart.
For even the heroes of the faith,
endured their part.

Paul was beheaded,
Peter was upside down crucified.
Let us never forget... Christ Himself,
suffered horribly and died.

We sometimes forget,
there is a big picture to be gained.
So be not deceived beloved,
you labor not in vain.

Fear not, for I am with you;
   be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
   I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
                         Isaiah 41:10


Word of Integrity

 In a time when rumors,
 are commonly heard!
Few are those,
 who keep their word.

For ones word or promise,
is integrity spoken.
And nothing speaks louder,
 than integrity broken.

     But still many seek to impress,
 with what they have heard.
When their promises were,
 you have my word.

We judge one another,
by the words that we say.
Just as much as,
the actions... of our day.

So when troubles come,
 and you need a friend.
Trust only the God,
who's Word... will not bend.