Down......But Not Out!

The strongest among us,
still fall down.
With the cares of this life,
and it’s problems...all around.

We fight day to day,
with this temple of skin.
Then add in the world,
and all of its sin.

We fight with the devil,
and with our pet peeves.
The cares of this world,
 challenge all that believe.

I know there are moments,
when it feels like... that’s it!
I can’t take anymore,
not one little bit.

Then the devil arrives,
 to tell you more junk.
He says, you’ve blown it this time,
your Christian ship...has sunk.

Dust yourself off,
there from where you lay.
For though the righteous may fall, a new day.

You are not forgotten,
nor have you been cast aside.
The Lord is your refuge,
and in abide.

You are still loved,
just remember, 
 fight the good fight.
For as surely as The Son shines,
there will be nights.

The storms of this life,
Will come to us all.
 With plans to blow us about!
Those gust...may bend us down,
But remember Child of God,
We’re still not out!