Eye of the Storm

In the eye of a storm,
You find its greatest calm.
But to do so,
 You must first,
Face its strongest winds ,
And fiercest rains.

While you rest ,
In the eye of the storm,
Knowing that destruction,
 lay behind you.
And even awaits you, 
Take heart in the fact,
That no matter, 
How destructive the outside.

In the heart...
 There is always peace.
In life we have few options,
 In times of storms.
We can run from them, 
Hide from them.
Or hope they change their course.

But rarely do storms of life,
 Change course.
It is we who change our course.
With the hopes that the storms will not,
Come near or harm us.

So when our lives,
 are filled with storms.
And we must endure them.
Know that there is peace...
 In the heart.
It is we that must find it.