Lead On Lord Jesus...

When I couldn't walk,
You held me.
When I could only crawl,
You carried me.

When I tried to walk,
I fell and stumbled.
Then You picked me up,
and let me lean on You.

Though it took me longer,
than most to learn to walk.
You never complained,
You were never upset.

I still fall from time to time,
but it's never far.
Thanks to Your hand,
holding mine.

Though I don't run as wildly,
as many do.
It's because I know how it hurts,
to fall away from You.

I just wanted to say,
Thank You, Lord.
For everything You've done,
and too tell You, I love You.

May I never forget,
how far You've brought me.
Lead on Lord Jesus,
Lead on...



Just as the earths seasons,
rotate round and round.
The lives of we Christians,
follows suit,
right here on the ground.

In this time warmth seems,
nowhere to be found.
But in days of winter,
GOD Himself,
 is working on the ground.

Spring sprouts life,
as seeds are planted in the clay.
 Deep beneath the soil,
 now lies potential,
 for a harvest one day.

Summer brings the heat,
as growth begins to shape.
The pruning now begins,
lest the harvest,
 He forsake.

Fruit now hangs heavy,
where simple earth once stood.
The fall has brought a harvest,
through the bad,
 and the good.

Soon it will be time
to work,
 the field again.
For as long as The Son shines,
there is seasons my friend.

Ecclesiastes 3:1


Gone Home

At the death of a loved one,
my emotions run deep.
As I long for one more moment,
with the one that I weep.

Perhaps, I'm just selfish,
for I cry not just for my friend.
But I weep for the friendship,
that has come to an end.

I remember the good times,
and all the moments we had.
For few were the times,
we ever called bad.

As long as I live,
I'll miss my friends that are gone.
But I rejoice in my heart,
for they've gone home.

Now their days may be over,
for the end of this race.
But they've begun again,
in a far better place.

It may be years,
but I'll see them again.
Where The Son always shines,
and life never ends. 


Forgiveness Still Lives

Forgiveness' origin,
comes high from above.
It comes from The One,
of mercy and love.

When Adam first sinned,
the devil thought he had won.
But God said forgiveness,
shall come through My Son.

So no matter,
the great size of your sin.
GOD says forgiveness,
is where it shall end.

If the forgiveness of God,
rules in your life.
There will be no time,
for bitterness and strife.

Forgiveness is something,
that always gives.
Though a heart be broken,
forgiveness still lives.

Just as Jesus forgave,
as man killed Him in strife.
 Let us do as He did,
and forgive in our life.


One Stepped Out

After feeding the masses,
And praying all night.
Jesus set out,
Just before light.

Walking the sea,
Like no mortal could.
When the disciples first saw Him,
None understood.

They said, "it's a spirit,
Walking the sea".
Jesus, called back,
No, it's just Me.

Peter said Lord,
If it's really you.
Allow me to come,
And do as you do.

Jesus said come,
To this man of the sea.
Then with his eyes on Jesus,
his trust was in He.

Peter walked on the water,
Like no mortal before.
Then he felt the wind and the waves,
Pushing from shore.

The wind and the waves,
began coming so near.
Then Peter's faith began to falter,
As he did fear.

In the blink of an eye,
The water was cold.
Attempting to drown,
One fearless and bold.

Jesus saved Peter,
When he fell into doubt.
For though he fell...
Only Peter stepped out!


City of Gold

I've read of a city,
where the streets are pure gold.
With wall of jasper,
and emeralds so bold.

It's a city that bellows,
and rejoices in light.
For this city of gold,
knows no night!

It's the home all joy,
worship and praise.
Home to the saints,
and The Ancient of Days.

It's home to a Lion,
with the heart of a Lamb.
Home to The Son,
Who's Father's, I AM.

The faithful and true,
shall never grow old.
As they move to the city,
The City of Gold.