Just as the earths seasons,
rotate round and round.
The lives of we Christians,
follows suit,
right here on the ground.

In this time warmth seems,
nowhere to be found.
But in days of winter,
GOD Himself,
 is working on the ground.

Spring sprouts life,
as seeds are planted in the clay.
 Deep beneath the soil,
 now lies potential,
 for a harvest one day.

Summer brings the heat,
as growth begins to shape.
The pruning now begins,
lest the harvest,
 He forsake.

Fruit now hangs heavy,
where simple earth once stood.
The fall has brought a harvest,
through the bad,
 and the good.

Soon it will be time
to work,
 the field again.
For as long as The Son shines,
there is seasons my friend.

Ecclesiastes 3:1