Just as the earths seasons,
rotate round and round.
The walk of we Christians,
follows suit,
right here on the ground.

In this time warmth seems,
nowhere to be found.
But in days of winter,
GOD Himself,
 is working on the ground.

Spring sprouts life,
as seeds are planted in the clay.
 Deep beneath the soil,
 now lies potential,
 for a harvest one day.

Summer brings the heat,
as growth begins to shape.
The pruning now begins,
lest the harvest,
 He forsake.

Fruit now hangs heavy,
where simple earth once stood.
The fall has brought a harvest,
through the bad,
 and the good.

Soon it will be time
to work,
 the field again.
For as long as The Son shines,
there is seasons my friend.

Ecclesiastes 3:1


Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance,
Jesus is mine.
Says the words of a hymn,
from olden times.

Fire insurance is bought,
to protect from a blaze.
But their are many who buy, 
 never intending,
 to change their ways.

Blessed assurance is for all,
who wish one day, 
with God to dwell.
Fire insurance is for those,
just hope to miss hell?

Many have been told,
do as you did,
 do as you've done.
For all is now covered.
By God's Son.

But that won't line up,
with the things Jesus taught.
Somewhere along the way,
man seems to have forgot.

Doctrines of devils,
and tickling of ears.
Have drawn large crowds,
down through the years.

Blessed assurance,
is still for all who love Him.
Fire insurance,
is still,
 for all who love sin.

John 5:14


Is That...Jesus Calling?

The Lord Himself,
is calling us near.
Preparing each heart,
by calming our fear.

Fear of the old,
and fear of the new.
Fear of those things,
He's called us to do.

He teaches by His Spirit,
His holy ways.
As He straitens our walk,
for the last days.

He says, not by My power,
nor by My might.
But only by My Spirit,
will you walk in My light.

You will speak to mountains,
and watch them flee.
For the enemy is chased,
when My Spirit is free.



When the attack of the enemy,
has finally found you.
if you know not what to do.

Just Stand,
on the things that are true.
If your helmet's on tight,
you'll know what to do.

Just Stand,
Oh righteous one.
Stand and act,
like God's daughter or son.

Just Stand,
and do not retreat.
As the Gospel of Peace,
shods your feet.

Just Stand,
with Truth around your waist.
with your shield of faith.

Just Stand,
when all is in discord.
Stand right there,
For the battle is The Lord's.

Ephesians 6: 13-18


The Word

The Word of GOD,
is thousand's of years old.
But the truth's of its pages,
are still being told.

Now time may rot,
paper and print.
But not the truth that's on them,
or how it was meant.

From burning to banning,
this is a book man can't destroy.
For its still GOD's Word,
not mans toy.

GOD's Word would exist,
if man were all gone.
Because His Word is truth,
and truth stands alone.

From the corridors of heaven,
His voice has been heard.
Through not one single sound,
but by His Word.