Saved or Deceived?

Saved or deceived,
which am I?
Living for God,
or living a lie.

Do I embrace the sins,
of my life before?
Or am I sold out,
 to God,
down too the core?

Do I really know,
I am born again?
Or is this just a mask,
to cover my sin?

Will God say welcome,
when my life is done?
Or depart from me,
you evil one?

These are questions,
all believers ask themselves,
one time or another.
For to judge ones own heart,
leaves no room,
for the judgment of others!



Eternity Calls

Where will we be,
in a thousand years?
Rejoicing with Jesus,
or dwelling in a place,
of regrets​ and fears?

Will we have met,
the apostles of old?
Or have been in torment
for what seems like...
 time untold!

By then...
 time will have gone and went!
And opportunity's wasted,
will now be,
eternally spent!

The just and the unjust,
are each promised their day.
Both promised eternity,
both promised their pay.

Eternity for all...
will know no end!
And for all mankind,
   it's waiting for them...


Every Knee Shall Bow

There is coming a day,
the likes the world hasn't seen.
When arrogance will die,
as all pride does wean.

For on that day,
the True Son will shine.
His Majesty in view,
as the world waits in line.

One by one,
 all will come to honor our King.
And the words from their mouths,
shall say the same thing.

Jesus is Lord,
are the words they will say.
And yes,
every knee shall bow,
 on that day!