The God of Forever

Praised, be the God of Forever.
For this earth is His place.
The giver of all life,
The God of all grace.

For through His Spirit,
and yes, by His Son.
He is God,
and He's the only One.

But as time marches on,
man has forgot.
Who God is,
and who He is not.

When all was dark,
before time began.
He was God,
before there was man.

It was He who spoke,
and all became whole.
From the land to the sea,
to mans very soul.

He's still God,
and yes He's still there!
He's the God of Forever,
and... He still cares.


The Rescuer of Our Souls

Lost on an island,
just waiting to die.
 My days ran together,
as time passed me by.

No ship on the horizon,
no planes overhead.
 If they do ever find me,
 by then... I'll be dead.

Hope began fleeting,
in all my days lost.
Will no one come,
am I not worth the cost?

When mans days were at it's darkest,
and it appeared like no one would come.
Jesus stepped out of heaven
His mission,
 rescue all...not some.

No matter your island,
no matter its place.
You maybe lost in this world,
but you need not remain lost to His grace.

One rescued all,
from our sin and our shame.
The rescuer of our souls,
Jesus by name!

Finder of the lost,
and the rescuer of all men.
For all have been marooned,
hopeless by sin.

No one need remain,
A castaway anymore.
Your rescue is at hand,
His ship is ashore.