The Great White Throne

The angel of God,
Now takes his stand.
One foot on the water,
One foot on the land.

Time is no more,
Is what he is saying.
Time has now ended,
For man...and praying.

The clocks have now stopped,
From pole to pole.
For the day has arrived,
When you pay with your soul.

If we've served Christ,
Our rewards...
 Are already great.
If we have not,
Now... its too late.

A line is formed,
From the beginning of time.
All will now answer for their deeds,
Of every kind.

All who rejected,
Jesus as Lord.
Will be judged 
At the Great White Throne,
As their reward.

All will identify,
Who was their King?
Jesus the Savior,
Or this world and it's things.


He Is...

He is… the cornerstone.
He is… the bread of life.
He is… the bright morning star.
He is… the good shepherd.
He is… the light of the world.
He is… the only begotten.
He is… The Word of GOD.
He is… the lifter of my head.
He is… the giver of my strength.
He is… the purchaser of my peace.
He is… the granter of my joy.
He is… the healer of my body.
He is… the rescuer of my soul.
He is… the lamb of GOD.
He is… the prince of peace.
 He is… Alpha and Omega.
(The Beginning and End)
       He is… The King of kings.
 He is... Lord of lords.
He is… The Savior of All Mankind.

He is… JESUS.



The words of the prophets,
Have been spoken and heard.
The time is now,
To heed God's Word.

From the time of Noah,
To present day.
Man has been charged,
To change his way.

Though evil and sinful,
Describe mans heart.
A way has been made,
For a new start.

Oh man of flesh,
Cast aside your ways.
Forgiveness is now offered,
For all of your days.

The choice is yours,
And yours alone.
But the day is fast arriving,
When choice... is gone!