Mercy Not Justice

Pilate, stood willing,
with mercy at hand.
As he called to the crowd,
"tell me, which man"?

"Who shall die,
who shall go free"?
Barabbas or Jesus?
Justice or Mercy?

"Give us Barabbas",
screamed the masses out loud.
So a criminal was chosen,
to represent the crowd.

Pilate spoke again,
"what of this King of the Jews?
What with Him,
will you have me to do"?

Kill Him, crucify Him,
roared the words of the crowd.
Though Pilate was willing,
justice...was not allowed.

Mercy... not justice,
spoke loudest that day.
For mercy on sinners,
is Jesus way!


The Prayer

My past is checkered,
My friend are few.
God, I seek answers,
Of what I should do.

Can I find mercy?
When I've shown none.
Is there hope for me,
For the things I have done?

Is there peace for me?
No matter my wealth.
Is there really healing for my body,
When in poor health?

Does God love a man,
Such as I?
If I were God...
I wouldn't even try.

Is God so full
of compassion and care?
That He'd love a man,
People can't bear.

Forgive me God,
I don't know how to pray.
But these are the questions,
I have this day.

God, your book says,
If I ask from my heart.
You'll wipe away the slate,
And I'll have clean start.

Well God,
This is all I know to say.
But from now on,
I'll follow your way.