Word of Integrity

 In a time when rumors,
 are commonly heard!
Few are those,
 who keep their word.

For ones word or promise,
is integrity spoken.
And nothing speaks louder,
 than integrity broken.

     But still many seek to impress,
 with what they have heard.
When their promises were,
 you have my word.

We judge one another,
by the words that we say.
Just as much as,
the actions... of our day.

So when troubles come,
 and you need a friend.
Trust only the God,
who's Word... will not bend.


The Shepherd

At the head of every flock,
stands one, 
with a heart for all.
One who leads by example,
and obeys the call.

A shepherd’s job is simply,
 to care and to feed.
And occasionally kill a wolf
should there arise a need.

His work may take him,
from valleys to clefts!
For when the sheep are hurting,
it’s the shepherd,
 who binds up and lifts.

Now mountains produce,
shade...wind, and rocks.
But it’s also a place of growth,
for a shepherd and his flock.

A mountain may seem steep
when you’re heading up the flock.
So when you grow weary, 
 rest upon The Rock.

But now it’s time to lead,
 and continue the climb.
As you rescue those lost,
While there is... still time!


Revival, at Hand

 Hungry hearts are calling out,
to Father God above.
Send us Your Fire,
send us Your Dove!

The Wind of The Spirit,
is starting to blow!
As the gust grow stronger,
in a radical flow.

The Fire of The Spirit,
 again is starting to be seen.
From Asia to The America’s,
and all in between.

The lost are being found,
as the hungry are fed.
 Living Christians are arising,
from amongst the dead.

Yes the Wind is blowing,
 and fanning the Flame.
As miracles are seen again,
In Jesus Name!

We’ve prayed for revival,
on every continent and land.
Now prepare yourself Church,
revival is at hand!