If We... Dare?

If we dare,
 for He that is more.
Is there a guarantee
we'll find what we're looking for?

If we dare, 
to believe, He knows our name.
And yet still loves us in our weaknesses,
just the same!

If we dare, 
to step out, from the norm.
Surely, clouds will build,
and even a storm.

If we dare,
to call Him, in times of despair.
Will He really come?
To answer our prayers.

If we dare,
to seek Him, in His Holy Place.
Might we really meet Him,
face to face. 

If we dare,
to reach what man calls, 
an unreachable plane.
Could we ever return,
still the same?

If we dare,
He is more than able,
To meet us,

If we dare,
to walk where He leads.
He will more,
than meet our needs!

Go ahead, I dare you!


If Today Were Our Last

If we knew,
today were our last.
Would we spend today
regretting our past?

Or would we rejoice,
for all that awaits.
An audience with Jesus,
near the pearly gates. 
Would we care about treasures,
 we leave behind?
Or would our thoughts of treasure be more,
 of what we will find?

Would we sit and count,
the hurts of our life?
Or would we finally forgive those,
who caused, hurts and strife?

Would we want to see those,
 that we have wronged?
Perhaps make amends,
and say, so long.

Would we say,
we contributed to GOD'S mighty plan?
Or were we that face in the crowd,
to our fellow man?
If today were our last,
could we honestly say?
Lord I did my best,
all of my days.

Why wait?


He Shall Return

In the twinkling,
 Of an eye.
Before you can look,
From the ground to the sky!

He shall return!

Coming in the clouds
And all shall see.
The King of the Ages,
In all...His majesty!

He shall return!

Coming to reign!
Coming to judge!
Coming for those
He dearly loves!

He shall return!

No enemy,
Shall stand in His way!
For as His foot touches down.
He’s come to stay.

He shall return!!!


GOD of my Salvation

Father GOD, 
I praise You this day.
For Father,
 You are The GOD of all gods. 

Father, You are The Mightiest,
of the mighty.
Father, You are,
The Holiest of the holy.

And like unto You,
Oh GOD, there is no other.
Father, only You are defined,
as Love. 

But yet, Your arm is not short,
neither is Your Hand weak.
In the lives of all those,
You have made.

At Your Word, Oh GOD,
the world changes.
Darkness becomes light.
And death becomes life.

It was You oh GOD,
Who by Your Son.
 Crossed from eternity,
to mortality.

It was Your Son, Father,
Who built the only,
 Bridge back to You.
With His work of the cross.

You Oh GOD,
are beyond the descriptions of man.
Our languages, though many,
fail to describe Your Greatness Father.

Our words describe not,
 even a fraction, of You.
You are without limit,
You are without equal.

You are GOD, 
The Almighty,
The Everlasting,
GOD of my Salvation.

Praise...Your Mighty Name!