If We... Dare?

If we dare,
 for He that is more.
Is there a guarantee
we'll find what we're looking for?

If we dare, 
to believe, He knows our name.
And yet still loves us in our weaknesses,
just the same!

If we dare, 
to step out, from the norm.
Surely, clouds will build,
and even a storm.

If we dare,
to call Him, in times of despair.
Will He really come?
To answer our prayers.

If we dare,
to seek Him, in His Holy Place.
Might we really meet Him,
face to face. 

If we dare,
to reach what man calls, 
an unreachable plane.
Could we ever return,
still the same?

If we dare,
He is more than able,
To meet us,

If we dare,
to walk where He leads.
He will more,
than meet our needs!

Go ahead, I dare you!