He Who

God of all god's,
Origin of all originals.
Maker of all maker's.
Master of all master's.

Creator of all who create,
Giver of all givers.
Kindest of the kind.
Holy in all Your ways.

Strongest of the strong,
Mightiest of the mighty.
The Only Just Judge.
He who knows, no fear.

He from whom,
All Grace and Truth comes.
He from whom,
All Mercy flows.

He who hung the stars,
By His Word.
He who spoke galaxies,
Into existence.

He who made all,
He who does not change.
He who is, and always was.
He, is God!

He Who


I'm fine right where I'm at!

As I sat broken down,
on the side of the street.
I was trying to fix a flat,
and whom should I meet.

It was Jesus,
and He was headed my way.
He said, 
"looks like you could use a hand today."

I said, no Lord,
it's just a flat.
I'll be up and going soon.
I'm fine, right where I'm at.

He said,
"Are you sure, it'll just take a minute."
I said, no Lord,
My heart's just not in it.

As He headed on up the road,
to the next person broken down.
I opened the door and got back in, 
never making a sound.

You see I'd been sitting right here,
for years, you see.
And He had stopped by everyday,
and offered to help me.

He'd stop and offer,
and then we would chat.
But my word's, were always the same.
I'm fine...right where I'm at.