A Stop in Time

Time continues,
As our days wind down.
Tick tot, tick tot, Time's very words,
Time's only sound.

But time itself is on the clock,
For it too has an end.
For time had a birth,
On the day of man's sin.

The Angel will declare,
That time is no more.
As he puts one foot on the water,
And one on the shore.

Yes, time has an end,
Just like you and I.
And like all of us who are born,
One day, we die.

Time is not to be counted on,
Time is only for today.
Time runs just like the rivers,
And the streams.
Passing where we stand,
But always moving away.

Make well of your time,
For you both shall pass.
Treat each day you're given,
Just like it were your last.