The Watchman - Part Three

As the tree's of the forest,
begin now to break.
The walls of the city,
start to tremble and shake!

The warnings of the Watchman,
were ignored in score's.
But now those within the wall's,
can't ignore anymore!

A few still stand and proclaim,
this is not the end!
It's only a shaking,
we'll repair...and begin again!

The Watchman now trembles,
as he holds to the pillared post.
And with one last great cry,
he calls out to the host.

Pray, pray,
pray all ye who will!
Call out to The God of Heaven,
on His Holy Hill!

Save us, Oh God,
from our arrogance and sin!
Save us, Oh God,
that we might, live again!

The defiant now curse him,
as they toil in dismay.
Defiant to the end,
unwilling... to pray!

Like a thief in night, 
the watchman is gone.
The crowd now stunned,
standing alone!

Amidst all the chaos,
and the confusion.
The crowd is now left,
to their own disillusion...

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