Praise Him

Praise GOD,
in times of plenty.
Praise Him,
when there isn't any.

Praise Him,
when there's over fill.
Praise Him,
when your cup is nil.

Praise Him,
when you're caught by sorrow.
Praise Him,
that there'll be tomorrow.

Praise Him,
when the winds are cool.
Praise Him,
when the world says, you fool.

Praise Him,
even in times of loss.
Praise Him,
for the Gift He gave, 
by way of the cross!

Praise Him!


The Birth Pains Begin!

We in America always see
 God’s Blessings at hand!
For we are so blessed a nation
 Throughout the lands!

The world even envies our poor, 
We have so much!
But America's forgotten...
The One,
Who blessed us with such!

We’ve listened to fools,
Who cried, “worship whom you please!”
“And it’s not that important,
In whom you believe”!

Has America forgotten?
From whence she came!
Has she sold out her beliefs?
To cover her shame!

Must fire fall from heaven,
To get America’s attention?
What awaits a nation that takes pride,
 In new sins,
 As their own invention!

Must we see judgment?
Before we turn from our ways!
Or is political correctness our answer?
In the last days!

America, will we fall on our face?
 And repent of our sin!
Or have we reached that moment in Scripture
where the birth pains begin?

Mark 13:8