Jesus... Where Are You?


So, where is Jesus
when the mountains are tall?
When bad turns to worse,
and we feel abandoned by all?

Has The Lord thrown up His hands,
 and just walked off?
Are we alone in our struggle?
As the onlookers scoff.

Look back with me,
if you will.
To the center cross,
on Golgotha's hill.

His friends now scattered,
His Father withdrawn.
His adversary rejoicing,
as the crowd jeered on.

Mine and your sins,
 laid at His feet.
With a chance to come down,
He chose no retreat.

Does this sound like someone,
 who would abandon His own?
Turn His back on family,
as they battle alone.

So where is The Lord,
when the mountains are tall?
He's standing right behind us,
so we won't..... fall.

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