September The 23rd...My Thoughts!

September 23rd ….There’s been a lot of speculation about this date since Scott Clarke discovered the celestial alignment several years ago. Down through the years I have watched several of Scott’s videos and they are very well done, his teachings on Hebrew culture and history are top notch.
 He has spent many, many years in studying, and is a fine teacher, I like Scott, and I believe he has shook up the world with his discovery.

Now, do I believe Saturday is the rapture…no I don’t, and by the way Scott doesn’t say it is either, what he says is that it could be because of all the indicators point to this very year and that is the moment that in the celestial that the king planet or male child (Jupiter representing the Church) is born.

Many have taken Scott’s discovery and ran with it, creating an Apocalypse scenario on Saturday; even Fox News had a story on the end of the world on the 23rd.
Now…do I hope the rapture is Saturday? Sure I do, as a matter of fact I hope its tomorrow, or Monday or next Wednesday or Friday… you get my drift!

I’m as ready to go as everybody else, but I believe we still have some work to do!

So if the sign is not the rapture, what is it?

My personal opinion is this; it’s the most prominent prophetic sign in fifty years. The last one to gain this type of worldwide exposure was Israel reclaiming Jerusalem in the Six Day War.
Just so happens it’s exactly 50 years since that event, or exactly one Jubilee period since then, now you see why I think it’s a prominent sign.

So if it’s a prophetic sign…whats it mean?
I don’t have a clue, but down deep inside I don’t believe it’s a good sign for the world, and especially for Israel. Because remember the Bible says “the signs” are for the Jews not the Gentiles. And this sign just happens to culminate on a High Holy Day in Israel…I.G. the Jews.

So what’s that mean for the rest of us…again I don’t have a clue, and I don’t think anyone on this globe of blue, does either.

What we do know is that we are in the end times, the winding down of the Age of Grace, exactly where on that timetable I’m not sure, and I’m not alone in that, some of the best Prophecy teachers in modern times don’t know either.
Are we getting ready to witness something of great magnitude worldwide in the coming days or weeks?
 My personal guess is yes, but what…we shall have to wait and see.

Shalom Gang,

I love you!


The Highest of Cost!!!

God’s recovery of man,
Was His highest of cost!
For through His Son,
He purchased the lost!

He came with the promise,
Of a new day.
And with a plan to recover,
All lost in their way!

He spoke of a Shepherd,
Who put all…aside!
To recover just one,
Back to His side.

The recovering of man,
Was His highest of cost.
As He covered our sin,
By way of the Cross!

You see…
To recover just you,
He would’ve came!

Now for two thousand years,
He continues to cover,
All who call on His Name!

The Road Continues.....

This journey of mine,
Started many years ago!
I began as a true blank page,
Very little did I know?

Along the way, I’ve traveled,
Hills high, and valleys deep!
I’ve saw mans very best,
And I’ve saw things to make you weep.

But the road continues on,
To places I’ve never gone.
Traveling all the while,
But never traveling alone.

The journey calls all men,
Not just some celebrated few.
For the honor is not the journey,
Rather the honor is…
 In whom we are called too!

So… travel on fellow travelers,
Though our paths may never cross.
You see… God sent you one direction,
And me another.
But both to find the lost!

Shalom Fellow Traveler