God of My Salvation

Father GOD, 
I praise You this day.
For Father,
 You are The GOD of all gods. 

Father, You are The Mightiest,
of the mighty.
Father, You are,
The Holiest of the holy.

And like unto You,
Oh GOD, there is no other.
Father, only You are defined,
as Love. 

But yet, Your arm is not short,
neither is Your Hand weak.
In the lives of all those,
You have made.

At Your Word, Oh GOD,
the world changes.
Darkness becomes light.
And death becomes life.

It was You oh GOD,
Who by Your Son.
 Crossed from eternity,
to mortality.

It was Your Son, Father,
Who built the only,
 Bridge back to You.
With His work of the cross.

You oh GOD,
are beyond the descriptions of man.
Our languages, though many,
fail to describe Your Greatness Father.

Our words describe not,
 even a fraction, of You.
You are without limit,
You are without equal.

You are GOD, 
The Almighty,
The Everlasting,
GOD of my Salvation.

Praise...Your Mighty Name!

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