When the Glory Came Down

I am told of the times,
when the glory came down.
God’s very presence,
in view from the ground.

Mans flesh became witness,
to the power of God’s own hand.
 As the glory came down,
in the presence of man.

The Red Sea held back,
as God’s people walked through.
Pharaoh’s army all drowned,
as they tried to pursue.

A cloud by day,
a fire by night.
The mountain trebling,
Moses face lit bright.

The sun moved not,
as Aaron's arms were lifted high.
Jericho’s walls, fell as hard,
as hail from the sky.

Do we as God’s people,
think the Glory’s all gone.
Has the God who made us,
left us all alone?

Are we to be like those,
sentenced to wander the wilderness till death.
Because we refused,
God’s very best!

Oh GOD, send your glory,
to visit our land.
May the world again be witness,
To Your Mighty Hand. 

Praise be The GOD of Glory!

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