Is there anything in life,
 More feared than death!
Even the forgotten and cast down,
Still draw breath!

 Do we fear death?
For the sake of the unknown!
Or is it simply the idea,
That all leave alone!

The Bible says, fear and punishment
Go hand and hand!
For all who reject, Christ,
 The Son of Man!

But for the Christian,
Deaths legs are now lame!
For as the Apostle Paul told Christians,
“To die is gain!”

Yes all our lives
 Will cease one day!
It seems so inconceivable to man,
By their earthly ways!

Many act as if,
Death will never come!
But let me assure you,
 death visits all,
Not just some!

Most fear death,
 Because they know not what awaits!
Will it be hell?
Or the pearly gates!

Christians know!
When their life ends!
The time they have longed for,
Finally begins!

So grieve not for Christians,
Who draw their last breath!
For though death may have come!
 With Jesus... they left!

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