One...Stepped Out!

After feeding the masses,
And praying all night.
JESUS set out,
Just before light.

Walking the sea,
Like no mortal could.
When the disciples first saw Him,
None understood.

They said, "it's a spirit,
Walking the sea".
JESUS, called back,
No, it's just Me.

Peter said Lord,
If it's really you.
Allow me to come,
And do as you do.

JESUS said come,
To this man of the sea.
Then with his eyes on JESUS,
his trust was in He.

Peter walked on the water,
Like no mortal before.
Then he felt the wind and the waves,
Pushing from shore.

The wind and the waves,
began coming so near.
Then Peter's faith began to falter,
As he did fear.

In the blink of an eye,
The water was cold.
Attempting to drown,
One fearless and bold.

JESUS saved Peter,
When he fell into doubt.
For though he fell,
Only Peter stepped out.

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