The Internal Battle

There is an internal battle we fight,
 day in and day out.
One the outside world,
 knows nothing about.

Our flesh and our spirit,
clash each day.
Inside there is a war being fought,
for who shall guide our way.

Our flesh awakens,
with a want to sin.
Then it goes on to tell us,
how to begin.

"Just trust me,
I won't lead you astray!"
 ”Everything you want,
you should have today!"

Fortunately our spirit,
stands ready to defend.
As it reminds us of consequence's,
and how this will end.

Our flesh will counter with,
“how bad can that really be?
Everyone else does it,
just listen to me!”

Then our spirit reminds us too,
“think before we leap.
For as we sow,
we will surely reap."

Then our flesh will admit,
“well it might be a little bad. ”
"But while we're doing it,
we'll be glad!"

Then our spirit reminds us,
our eternal bill has been paid.
“There is no reason to start again,
with more mistakes made.”

Flesh always wants,
any apple that seems free.
While our spirit tries to warns us,
"there’s a snake in that tree!."

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