Who Do You Say I AM?

Some know Him as, 
The Ancient of Day's.
Others know Him as,
The One Who is Holy, in all His ways.

To some He is,
The God of the Ages.
Who identified Himself,
By the words of His sage' s.

Some call Him Master,
Some call Him Friend.
Others just call Him,
The Beginning and End.

To some He is,
The True Capstone.
To others He is,
Why they are never alone.

To some He is,
The Rescuer of the lost.
The Repairer of the breach,
Regardless of cost.

To some He is,
A Lamb beaten and weak.
To others a Strong Lion,
With a love for the meek.

Some observe Him at a distance,
Because of great fear.
Others grab hold of His hand,
And long to draw near.

Who is this One, 
Of many names?
Who's description overwhelms,
These humble frames.

He Is,
The Life Giver.
He Is,
The Living River.

He is the reason,
We stand where we trod.
He Is The One and The Only,
He Is God!

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