From Pain to Praise!

We have all walked,
through the valley of the shadow.
Sometimes we won,
and sometimes we lost.

But Jesus was always with us,
even if we didn't recognize Him.
He was there,
to console our loss.

We saw only the pain,
through our times of travail.
It's so hard to see anything at all,
when it's your time of wail.

But without the pain,
it's hard to appreciate true praise.
From the places we've been,
through the steps of our days. 

Did we overcome our pain,
through our emotions and flesh?
Or was it the hand of the Master,
that reached down, and renewed us afresh.

Where we're headed,
pain cannot follow.
Nor sorrow, nor despair,
nor tears that wallow.

Dear Lord, 
let our pain, of the past.
 Fuel our praise's today!
For only in You Lord,
does pain pass away!

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