A Fisherman’s Tale

I was just a fisherman,
by trade.
By the work of my hands,
my living was made.

Until the day,
I met a teacher of God's Word,
These truths that He spoke,
never had I heard.

I thought Him to be,
like a prophet of old.
Little did I know,
He was the Savior foretold.

When He spoke,
all gave an ear.
He taught love and forgiveness,
for all to hear.

He taught that it is better,
to give than receive.
And that God rewards,
those that believe.

His Words were like water,
that gave men life.
Never conceded,
never in strife.

But for those who feared Him,
with rage they did burn.
With hearts so hard,
refusing to turn.

Then one night...
 they came and they took Him,
on the charge of a lie.
Two days later,
He was sentenced to die.

Wrapped in grave clothes,
and buried in a cave.
We thought all was now lost,
for all, He had gave.

 All believed...
they'd seen the last of Him.
But on the third morning,
He arose... my friend!

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