Good People Go To Hell Too!

Good people go to hell…really?
I am afraid so, I know my words are always encouraging, and they will be today, it may not seem like it here, but just bare with me.
It makes no difference who we are, as a people around this globe, we all have one thing in common, we will all die. And at death we will face an eternity, it will either be reward or punishment, heaven or hell. It will not matter how generous you or I were to our fellow man, what a great son or daughter we were, what a great mom or dad we were.
It won’t matter that you paid your taxes or obeyed all the laws of the land…it just won’t matter.

It won’t matter, how you were always there to help friends and family in their time of need, how you fought for the little guy and the poor, how you helped the destitute or fed the hungry…it just won’t matter.
It won’t matter at all if you die without Jesus Christ, you see all these things listed above are great human things, that good people do daily, but they are all for naught without Jesus.

These human things, they are the secondary part of the equation, not the primary part; knowing and accepting Jesus as our Savior is the primary part. Knowing He came as a man, put on flesh like we humans, while being the very Son of God, walked a perfect sinless life and died as a perfect sacrifice, on our behalf, not that He would have life eternal, but that we would have life eternal with Him.

To reject Him, or neglect Him, means only one thing, hell eternal.
Some will say, well brother, I don’t believe a Loving God would send good people to hell, after all that’s where bad people go. 

That’s where all people go who never accept Jesus, He didn’t make hell for you or any other human, He made it for the devil and his angels. When man follows satan, man gets what satan gets. The devil knowingly rebelled against God, but the devil doesn’t want you to rebel knowingly, he wants you to rebel blindly. Thinking there is no God, or God loves us so much He doesn’t care whatever you do, because we all go to heaven when die anyway.

It doesn’t work like that, we must believe that Jesus came and died for us, for our sins, and then we must receive Him to be our Savior. There are no other saviors, He was God in the flesh, did you get that, God in the flesh, came to earth for you and me, so you and I wouldn’t have to go to hell.
Hell will be full of evil people, oh yes… but it will also be full of good people who never found the time, or if they had the time, never wanted God, more than the things of this temporal world.
God just didn’t fit their style; they believed they were never the Jesus type…if you know what I mean!

The moment we draw our last breath it will be too late, today is the day of salvation, for the good, the bad, and the worst. There is no sin beyond the forgiveness of God; there is no sin of ours that Jesus didn’t pay for, you are not too bad for Jesus to save...neither are you too good.

Now the good news, God really does love you, yes little old you, He not only knows your name and everything about you… yes everything, and He still loves you, right where you are. 
  He just wants you to know He came to save you too, save you from hell. And he wants you to accept His free gift of salvation. Believing Jesus is the Son of God, who came and died for our sins, then rose again from the dead.
 Receiving Jesus Christ sacrifice on our behalf, is the beginning of that free gift, I say beginning because that’s just where it begins, God has more for those who love Him, than we can ever imagine.
You see He loved us first, that's why He came!
If you don’t know this Jesus, and you want to, pray this with me.
Lord Jesus, I need a Savior, forgive me of my sins, I know You came and paid my sin debt with Your perfect life, died on my behalf and rose again, come in my life and save me, in Jesus Name!

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