If You Stopped By...By Accident?

Just in case you stopped by this blog by accident, I would like one minute of your time.

Just so you know you are not here by accident, I have been praying that God would send you by, that’s right, you are an answer to prayer, yes you!

I prayed God would send you by so I could tell you one thing…God really does love you!

You are not trash or any other derogatory thing you may have been called in your life, you were made by God, in His image, and the God who made you loves you right where you are on this big blue globe.

I know it seems like life can be awful at times, but we live in a sinful world, and the one thing this world is really good at is sin.

You and I were born into that, it is in our fleshly nature, but God wants to rescue you from that, that’s right He wants to rescue all of us from that, and He wants to rescue you.

You are not on this earth by accident, regardless of what anyone has told you, you are a precious human being, precious in His site, you are precious in the site of The Creator of the universe, let that sink in a moment…yes you!

No, I know exactly who I’m talking too, you.

I got to let you in on something, God told me you were coming by, no kidding!

He asked me if I would ask you something, you ready?

OK, here goes, would you like Jesus to rescue you from that world of sin?

He will…all you need do is ask!
He will rescue you from your sins!

Right there where you are ask Him, Lord rescue me from my sins, rescue me from this world of sinful influences come and be my Lord and Savior, I know You love me, save me!

Welcome to the family.

I love you, but He loves you more!

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