Seeing as you have been seen.

I bet all of you know this verse. 

1 Corinthians 13:12 (ESV) 12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

Look around the room, does the view appear dim? 
Well it is, I know we have been conditioned to filter our view on things of the earth, by the only sight we currently have.

You see, (pardon the pun) in our current body's we see what it's seeing, but the day is coming when this old view will be remembered as utterly dim. How do I know this? 

Those are Paul's words. Read the verse again, slowly, "For now we see in a mirror dimly" , what does dimly imply?

A limited view, not seeing as plainly as possible, unable to view what is actually there. That last one is very interesting, unable to view what is actually there. 

Do you remember when you were baptized? Did you try to peek up through the water? 
I did, but I was baptized in a river, no chlorine, but my view was somewhat diminished as I peeked up, because the water was kind of murky, I could hear, but not plainly, it was like they were a lot further away, than they actually were.

That's where we are today, we're looking up but not seeing everything that's there, we can hear, but not as plainly as we like. Then as we were brought up out of the water, everything cleared up, the view, the sound, that big breath of clean air filled our lungs, the folks on the bank cheered, shouted, even applauded. 
That's waiting for us again, when we go up in the rapture, I truly believe, it will be all that again, but this time it will be to the hundredth power, at least. 
Clarity beyond compression, sight, sound, sensitivity, we might even have few senses we never even knew were there, because of the fall.
The halls of heaven will cheer, not because of anything we did, but because of all Jesus has done, and we are a part of what He has done. 
Yea our view is going to clear, our ears are going to open, our minds are going to sharpen to the point that they will put to shame the best computers ever made. 

We aren't there yet family, but we are closer than we've ever been. Yes we are more than we ever knew, but I would be hesitant to say, any of us ever reached our potentials. 

But that's water under the bridge, but we still have time to build on it, because one day soon we're going to see, as we have been seen, since the moment we said, Lord forgive me, come and be my Savior. From that moment that our spirit man was given life, we could hear and see differently from the rest of the world, because a new part of us came alive, our spirit.

Ever wonder why you don't see things like the world
 see' s them, you can't. 
You see through eyes of a body with a soul, that has a third part living, your spirit. The world see' s through eyes of only the body and soul, their spirit is still dead, that's why they only seek pleasures of the flesh and mind. 

All who come to Jesus are given new life. But they must come to get it. No wonder the world thinks we're strange, we are, we're strange because inside of us lives a third dimension of our being they don't have. We aren't elitists, we're enlightened, our spirit man has been turned on by The Holy Spirit. And one day soon, we're going to see what our spirit man looks like, feels like, and with abilities we have never dreamed of, when added to our glorified body.

Yes family, we're going to see like we've been seen on the other side for all these years. 

You my brother and sister are much more than you know, God has deposited much in all of us, and one day, we're going to see it. 

Till then we'll keep filtering, but filter with one eye on the sky! 

I love you all, Shalom

PS: If you have read this and are not a believer, if this sounds unbelievable to you, I highly recommend you read the page Why Jesus, Why Choose Christianity? It's on your left in the pages, you see we're not an elite club, just an enlightened one, all are free to join, as a matter of fact we all invite you.

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