The Day God Looked Away

Up the hill walks a man,
His body beaten down!
A gift of the whip,
As His flesh drags the ground!

To the cross He walks,
With not a tear in His eye!
For He had came on a mission,
He'd came there to die.

One solider, ties His wrist,
With a rope tight!
As the other draws a hammer,
And three long spikes.

JESUS convulses,
As the first nail goes in.
Now the hammering starts,
For all of mans sin.

With the second nail through,
Vile shoots down His chin.
The sickening of Christ,
To mans shame, and his sin.

With His arms now nailed,
Tight to the cross.
A final spike to the feet,
For all of the lost.

The angels stood silent,
Just waiting for His call.
One word from Jesus,
Would have stopped it all.

Then at mid day,
The sky's went black.
The Father had seen enough,
He was turning His back.

The light of the sun,
was temporarily taken away.
But as our sins were paid,
The Son rose stronger on the third day.

The hope for all Man,
still shines today.
Because God turned His back,
and just looked away!

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