The Spiritual Diet

Do you feel tired in your spirit man?

Does the worlds problems seem heavier by the day?

Do you feel like your prayers are bouncing back from the ceiling?

Then you need a new spiritual diet!

We are what we eat, its as simple as that, if you what you're taking in is weakening you, you have to change what you take in.

Just like in the physical world, to be healthy you must eat healthy. Now there's nobody here but me and you, ask yourself, have I been taking in too much junk food?

Junk food for my spirit, what do you mean?  

I mean to much of the worlds junk, you are not just a believer, you are a child of God, you can't live on reruns and cable TV and expect to be spiritually healthy, you as a child of God must find the time each day to put spiritual things in your spirit man.

This isn't something new to you, you have heard this for years, the difference is it must become real to you, so how do you go about recognizing reality in your spirit man?

Those three questions at the top did it for me, I could have added in it's a lot easier to get in the flesh and sin, and I am sure you know what I mean!
A lot easier to become angry, show a side of you that you're not proud of after it's all over, you been there?

God didn't save any of us to just survive till His return or our death. He saved us for His Glory, His Love, His Plan, and you and I are part of that eternal plan. We are the difference makers on this earth...What, you don't believe you are a difference maker, well lets us just talk about that.

Children of God are described as salt and light, that includes you, salt is the most powerful preservative on planet earth, and it's a natural resource, peculiar huh?
God knew man would need salt for many purposes, especially preserving, salt preserves all that it penetrates organically, see the parallel?
You have that same ability with Jesus in you, and as far a light goes, light breaks the plane of darkness, it literally pushes darkness back from that, that darkness has surrounded, see the parallel?

But a weak light, or a tiny piece of salt struggle to make an impact on either. That's why the enemy puts all these distractions and temptations in your path, guard what you put in you, find time everyday to get alone with God, read His Word, if just for a little while, listen to things that build you up, there are tons of great ministries on line, on the radio, on YouTube, you really are what you eat, I'm not being a legalistic here I'm just being real. If you want to see positive changes in your spirit man it all begins and ends with you, God will not force feed anyone, but He will invite you to eat from His table. 

As always, I love you, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and yes as always, I'm praying for you.



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