How I began writing!

One afternoon after work back in 1998 as I was headed home, I began to pray. I really don't remember everything I prayed that afternoon, but I do remember for what appeared to be no reason at all, saying this. Lord I want to write a poem about you.

The next day was my day off, so I got up that morning walked to my computer remembering what I had prayed the day before, and sat down, not really knowing anything to write. But knowing I was going to try. I learned something that day, GOD honors effort!

He can give you any kind of gift to use, but you have to try. It won't ever activate without effort.
I wrote my first Christian poem that day, and it wasn't as polished as the poems you read today. But my writing would have never come about without effort.

When GOD gives you something to do, and you honor Him with your effort to make it come to pass, I will guarantee you results will follow. Because when GOD is in something, success will follow. 

Now I was no Christian Superman then, nor am I today, I am just a normal guy with plenty of flaws, you know the type just like 99.99% percent of all Christianity.
Besides, GOD's not looking for Superman, He's looking for Clark Kent.
As I look back now, after writing on and off since 1998. I know writing was not my idea, it was GOD's I just followed through with what He wanted me to do. A minister friend of mine from Florida once told me that the most powerful thing a Christian can do is obey GOD.
Because to do so, is to act in His will, and when we are in His will we can't mess it up.

Please don't think I ever overplay my part in the writing's you read, I don't, I know where my ability comes from, The Holy Spirit has given me my ability. I am still blown away by the idea of a guy like me, in a town of less than seven hundred people writing to audience's in dozens of countries. I truly am no one special, if I can do this you can do more. Never limit GOD, and don't ever believe GOD limits you.

You see I know I have no talent without GOD,  He's my ghostwriter; pardon the pun but He's my Holy Ghostwriter. What you read is His gift to me to encourage, comfort, inspire, warn, and invite as many as I can for Him.

My flesh would like to tell you that all these catchy rhymes and phrases come from me, but the truth is, He just picked me to write them down for you.

GOD Bless You All,