The Test

Sometimes our test,
seems to be too long,
But to quit before completion
would just be wrong.

Oh, there has been times,
 we've given it thought.
 In valleys so deep,
 waist high in distraught.

At those moments our enemy whispers,
"Why go on"?
"Give up fool,
you're all alone"!

"Who is coming,
to help you through"?
"Just give up,
and go do what you used to do"!

It's at those moments,
when we want to regress.
Just remember one scripture,
that still says it best.

"I am with you always,
to the very end of the age".
That's not just the spiritual times,
but all of our days.

We have not been forgotten,
or left by the road.
Sometimes a test is heavier,
than a regular load.

 Be not deceived into thinking,
that it was you who carried it all.
Yes the test was heavy!
 why didn’t you fall?


Lying Tongues

Words of the heart,
and words of the mind.
Should flow from the tongue,
in a strait line.

But there are those,
who bend their words.
The truth from their mouth,
is rarely heard.

Yet for a season,
their words stand tall.
But whatever will bend,
will surely fall.

So where do we look,
to find their start?
The truth of The Word,
says look to the heart.

For through deception,
does a lie first begin.
But at the end of all lies,
stands only sin.

Now in such a one,
lies a deceitful heart.
The likes of which,
God has no part!

Proverbs 6:16-18


Prayer of Faith

Do we still expect results,
when we pray?
Or has prayer,
 become a ritual,
we just bow,
 and say?

Have we become,
 so weak,
that our faith is all gone?
For a prayer,
 without faith,
is just begging alone!

 The prayer of faith,
has grown dim,
in our plight.
The blaze that once burned
 with blistering heat
 now struggles to light.

Can our faith reignite,
 like embers,
 in a fire?
Can our trust,
 once again, 
be in He that’s higher.

If we believe,
 when we ask,
we shall receive!
In accordance,
 with the Word,
for all that believe.

For faith,
 like a mustard seed,
tiny and small.
Can still move,
 The very hand of GOD,
the moment we call.

Matthew 21:22


Weapon of Worship

When the Israelites worshiped,
The Lord their GOD.
Under their feet,
their enemies were trod.

Their praises before battle,
went up unto the Lord.
Then all their enemies,
would fall by the sword.

To worship before battle,
may seem odd too do.
But without GOD on your side,
the battles up to you.

This weapon of worship,
seems lost today.
For man never bows,
and rarely does he pray.

But for those who invoke,
their worship to GOD.
Their victories through Him,
never seem odd.

So remember when the camp of the enemy,
tries to be heard.
The battle is the Lord's,
He gave His Word.

I Samuel 17:47




Just as the earths seasons,
rotate round and round.
The walk of we Christians,
follows suit,
right here on the ground.

In this time warmth seems,
nowhere to be found.
But in days of winter,
GOD Himself,
 is working on the ground.

Spring sprouts life,
as seeds are planted in the clay.
 Deep beneath the soil,
 now lies potential,
 for a harvest one day.

Summer brings the heat,
as growth begins to shape.
The pruning now begins,
lest the harvest,
 He forsake.

Fruit now hangs heavy,
where simple earth once stood.
The fall has brought a harvest,
through the bad,
 and the good.

Soon it will be time
to work,
 the field again.
For as long as The Son shines,
there is seasons my friend.

Ecclesiastes 3:1


Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance,
Jesus is mine.
Says the words of a hymn,
from olden times.

Fire insurance is bought,
to protect from a blaze.
But their are many who buy, 
 never intending,
 to change their ways.

Blessed assurance is for all,
who wish one day, 
with God to dwell.
Fire insurance is for those,
just hope to miss hell?

Many have been told,
do as you did,
 do as you've done.
For all is now covered.
By God's Son.

But that won't line up,
with the things Jesus taught.
Somewhere along the way,
man seems to have forgot.

Doctrines of devils,
and tickling of ears.
Have drawn large crowds,
down through the years.

Blessed assurance,
is still for all who love Him.
Fire insurance,
is still,
 for all who love sin.

John 5:14


Is That...Jesus Calling?

The Lord Himself,
is calling us near.
Preparing each heart,
by calming our fear.

Fear of the old,
and fear of the new.
Fear of those things,
He's called us to do.

He teaches by His Spirit,
His holy ways.
As He straitens our walk,
for the last days.

He says, not by My power,
nor by My might.
But only by My Spirit,
will you walk in My light.

You will speak to mountains,
and watch them flee.
For the enemy is chased,
when My Spirit is free.



When the attack of the enemy,
has finally found you.
if you know not what to do.

Just Stand,
on the things that are true.
If your helmet's on tight,
you'll know what to do.

Just Stand,
Oh righteous one.
Stand and act,
like God's daughter or son.

Just Stand,
and do not retreat.
As the Gospel of Peace,
shods your feet.

Just Stand,
with Truth around your waist.
with your shield of faith.

Just Stand,
when all is in discord.
Stand right there,
For the battle is The Lord's.

Ephesians 6: 13-18


The Word

The Word of GOD,
is thousand's of years old.
But the truth's of its pages,
are still being told.

Now time may rot,
paper and print.
But not the truth that's on them,
or how it was meant.

From burning to banning,
this is a book man can't destroy.
For its still GOD's Word,
not mans toy.

GOD's Word would exist,
if man were all gone.
Because His Word is truth,
and truth stands alone.

From the corridors of heaven,
His voice has been heard.
Through not one single sound,
but by His Word.


Home Of The Damned

Past the gates of time,
Lies an eternal domain.
The master of which,
Is the god all shame.

You'll find no mercy here,
In this kingdom of grief.
Just mans final reward,
for his lack of belief.

It's a place that smells,
Of great sickening and rot.
Where sin is the flame,
And the fire dieth not.

Forgiveness and mercy,
They aren't found here.
Just misery and grief,
with darkness and fear.

With your destiny now settled,
As you pass through the gate.
The sign on the wall,
reads, NOW IT'S TO LATE.

Your home is now,
The most evil land.
Home of the cursed,
Home of the damned.


Judgement Day

At the edge of infinity,
Where time stands still.
Past the doors of the ages,
And the days of mans will.

A time of great judgement,
Has been set for the earth.
For this day of appointment,
Awaits all from birth.

The princes and paupers,
Will stand side by side.
Where wealth nor poverty,
offer nowhere to hide.

Billions of people,
From millions of places.
All will stand before GOD,
as eternity faces.

Many will weep,
With tears that rejoice.
While the rest are reminded,
You were given a choice.

GOD's SPIRIT called all,
By His Presence and Word.
No excuses that day,
For all will have heard.


One Stepped Out

After feeding the masses,
And praying all night.
JESUS set out,
Just before light.

Walking the sea,
Like no mortal could.
When the disciples first saw Him,
None understood.

They said, "it's a spirit,
Walking the sea".
JESUS, called back,
No, it's just Me.

Peter said Lord,
If it's really you.
Allow me to come,
And do as you do.

JESUS said come,
To this man of the sea.
Then with his eyes on JESUS,
his trust was in He.

Peter walked on the water,
Like no mortal before.
Then he felt the wind and the waves,
Pushing from shore.

The wind and the waves,
began coming so near.
Then Peter's faith began to falter,
As he did fear.

In the blink of an eye,
The water was cold.
Attempting to drown,
One fearless and bold.

JESUS saved Peter,
When he fell into doubt.
For though he fell,
Only Peter stepped out.


Missing You

I thought I'd just write,
To let you know.
I've been missing you,
And I still love you so.

I know we don't visit,
or talk like we should.
But every time that I call,
You say the times not good.

Every time I make plans,
For just you and Me.
Something always comes up,
And you can't get free.

I grow jealous for time,
With you alone.
You see I still love you,
Even though you've been gone.

So from My throne in heaven,
I just wanted you to know.
I miss you,
And I still love you so.

Forgiveness... Rules!

Forgiveness' origin,
comes high from above.
It comes from The One,
of mercy and love.

When Adam first sinned,
the devil thought he had won.
But God said forgiveness,
shall come through My Son.

So no matter,
the great size of your sin.
God says forgiveness,
is where it shall end.

If the forgiveness of God,
rules in your life.
There will be no time,
for bitterness and strife.

Forgiveness is something,
that always gives.
Though a heart be broken,
forgiveness still lives.

As Jesus forgave,
as man killed Him in strife.
No let us do...
 as He did,
and forgive in our life.



Has a person ever judged you,
by the clothes that you wear?
The size of your wallet,
or the cut of your hair.

Maybe you've been judged,
by how you believe!
For the plan of the enemy,
is divide and deceive.

Perhaps it's your color,
to light or to dark.
For when a heart is predigest,
it misses the mark.

Remember my friends,
there is only one King.
The Son of the One True God, 
Who made everything.

In the eyes of God,
there is only... Man.
Those who've accepted,
or rejected His plan.

For God doesn't judge,
by styles, color, or wealth.
But by the heart,
and it's spiritual health.


Best or Blessed? (The Quest)

Mans journey on earth,
is that of a quest.
From the day of birth,
until final rest.

Between these two,
mans journey is life.
Filled with the highs of its joy,
and the lows of its strife.

Victories and loses,
do surely mount.
But few are they,
which truly do count.

The time man spends,
in search of whats best.
Leaves little time,
 for the things that are blessed.

Things like, God and family,
and to help those in need.
For a journey without them,
is just...
 mans quest for his greed.

So we continue on,
In our search for what's best!
Rarely realizing,
Best in it's moment is...
Second to Blessed!



City of Gold

I've read of a city,
where the streets are pure gold.
With wall's of jasper,
and emeralds so bold.

It's a city that bellows,
and rejoices in light.
For this city of gold,
knows no night!

It's the home all joy,
worship and praise.
Home to the saints,
and The Ancient of Days.

It's home to a Lion,
with the heart of a Lamb.
Home to The Son,
Who's Father's...I AM.

The faithful and true,
shall never grow old.
As they move to the city,
The City of Gold.


Gone Home

At the death of a loved one,
my emotions run deep.
As I long for one more moment,
with the one that I weep.

Perhaps, I'm just selfish,
for I cry not just for my friend.
But I weep for the friendship,
that has come to an end.

I remember the good times,
and all the moments we had.
For few were the times,
we ever called bad.

As long as I live,
I'll miss my friends that are gone.
But I rejoice in my heart,
for they've gone home.

Now their days may be over,
for the end of this race.
But they've begun again,
in a far better place.

It may be years,
but I'll see them again.
Where The Son always shines,
and life never ends. 

The Fallen (it's time to get up)

You may be lost,
from your Christian course.
But through all your transgressions,
you still know the source.

The One you accepted,
that faithful day.
Led by His Word,
you followed His way.

For awhile you walked,
up close and tight.
But as time wore on,
you strayed in the night.

Can His Word still be,
the guide of your life?
Or will you tarry,
in sin and its strife?

Oh you may have fallen,
but you can still crawl.
Back to the One,
that gave us His all.

His ways are still easy,
His burdens are few.
He's asking you now...
What will you do?

One Was Worthy!

In a garden of perfection,
ages ago.
 Man was still sinless,
as we all know.

Then man welcomed,
something new in the land.
It was sin,
man was then banned.

Satan called out,
with a proud voice.
"I've caused them to sin,
man has no choice."

Then God spoke clearly,
through time and space.
"Who among you is worthy,
to take mans place?"

Heaven stood silent,
not a voice was heard...
Then echoing through Heaven,
Spoke God's Holy Word!

"I AM Worthy."
I'll take their place.
Put upon Me,
their sin and disgrace.

Through tortuous pains,
no man should endure.
He was the sacrifice,
Holy and Pure.

Mans redemption from sin,
the way has been made.
Only...through Jesus,
and the price that He paid.

I AM That I AM...

I AM, 
is described,
as creator of all.
GOD of all men,
who unto Him do call.

Holy and righteous,
describe His ways.
His age has no number,
but He's The Ancient of Days.

His power is mighty,
and so is His strength
And to measure just one,
there is no length!

He watched from eternity,
as His earth became whole.
Then blessed it with man,
and gave him a soul.

Now, in a temple so holy,
that only He may ascend.
Sits The Great...I AM,
The Beginning and End...