Judgement Day

At the edge of infinity,
Where time stands still.
Past the doors of the ages,
And the days of mans will.

A time of great judgement,
Has been set for the earth.
For this day of appointment,
Awaits all from birth.

The princes and paupers,
Will stand side by side.
Where wealth nor poverty,
offer nowhere to hide.

Billions of people,
From millions of places.
All will stand before GOD,
as eternity faces.

Many will weep,
With tears that rejoice.
While the rest are reminded,
You were given a choice.

GOD's SPIRIT called all,
By His Presence and Word.
No excuses that day,
For all will have heard.


The Serpent

The appearance of a snake,
brings with it great fear.
For the sight of a serpent,
means destruction is near.

But those weak of heart,
who act like they're blind.
Say the serpents not deadly,
if you follow his line.

So be not deceived,
of his flute and his baskets.
For there's no charming evil,
just graves and caskets.

For the serpents approach,
is deceitfully mild.
Wooing their audience,
with charm and a smile.

Planning it's prey's destruction
with a smile and a grin.
 While waiting for the right moment,
to just take them in.

Man is the only being,
 willing to make friends with a snake.
But in time we realize,
it was a deadly mistake.



The Day God...Looked Away!

Up the hill walks a man,
His body beaten down.
A gift of the whip,
As His flesh,
 drags the ground.

To the cross He walks,
With His eyes fixed on high.
For He had came on a mission,
He'd came there to die.

One solider, ties His wrist,
With a rope tight!
As the other draws a hammer,
And three long spikes.

Jesus convulses,
As the first nail goes in.
Now the hammering starts,
For all of mans sin.

With the second nail through,
Vile shoots down His chin.
The sickening of Christ
To mans shame, and his sin.

With His arms now nailed,
Tight to the cross.
A final spike to the feet,
For all of the lost.

The angels stood silent,
Just waiting for His call.
One word from Jesus...
Would have stopped it all.

Then right at mid day,
The sky went black.
The Father had seen enough,
He was turning His back.

The light of the sun,
was temporarily taken away.
But as our sins were paid,
The Son rose stronger,
 on the third day.

The Hope,
 for all Mankind
still shines today.
Because GOD turned His back,
and just looked away!


Dark Sky's

This world of ours,
Is so steeped in it's sin.
That the perversions of evil,
Are now a fashionable trend.

The abominable sins,
Described In GOD'S Word.
Are now defined as, choices,
Which man has preferred.

Fornication and adultery,
Are no longer classified as sin.
Now it's just an affair,
You have with a friend.

Sex now sells,
Everything on the earth.
With lust as the spokesman,
For value and worth.

Man hasn't changed,
It's like the days before the ark.
As they boast of their sins,
As the sky's grow dark...


Home of The Damned

Past the gates of time,
Lies an eternal domain.
The master of which,
Is the god all shame.

You'll find no mercy here,
In this kingdom of grief.
Just mans final reward,
for his lack of belief.

It's a place that smells,
Of great sickening and rot.
Where sin is the flame,
And the fire dieth not.

Forgiveness and mercy,
They aren't found here.
Just misery and grief,
with darkness and fear.

With your destiny now settled,
As you pass through the gate.
The sign on the wall,

Your home is now,
The most miserable of lands.
Home of the lost,
Home of the damned.


Missing You

I thought I'd just write,
To let you know.
I've been missing you,
And I still love you so.

I know we don't visit,
or talk like we should.
But every time that I call,
You say the times not good.

Every time I make plans,
For just you and Me.
Something always comes up,
And you can't get free.

I grow jealous for time,
With you alone.
You see I still love you,
Even though you've been gone.

So from My throne in heaven,
I just wanted you to know.
I miss you,
And I still love you so.


The Tree

At the foot of great mountains,
stands the strongest of trees.
Near the river that gives life,
whose flow is to ease.

But life has a way,
to test power and strength.
Even of the mighty tree,
high in its length.

First comes a drought,
to burn on the land.
It comes to test the trees roots,
and weaken its stand.

Then come the insects,
that eat up its leaves.
They destroy all growth,
bringing only disease. 

Now sickened and dry,
the rotting begins.
With no sap in its branches,
to hold back the winds.

At a place where power and fruit,
proudly once stood.
Now lay the weak and the barren,
just brittle wood.


One Little Drop

Clouds drift in,
moisture begins to build.
Then the clouds break open,
as rain begins to spill.

 One drop in time,
just a one-time drop.
Origin from above,
sent from the top.

Just one little drop,
headed for the ground.
Lost amongst the masses,
all headed down.

Just a vapor in time,
falling to earth.
Sent for a purpose,
to add to it's worth.

Unsure of who it may touch,
as it flows strait down.
Given just a moment,
then on to the ground.

All will water,
one thing or another.
While refreshing the lives,
of one another.

12:7 And the dust returns to the ground it came
from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.


The Internal Battle

There is an internal battle we fight,
 day in and day out.
One the outside world,
 knows nothing about.

Our flesh and our spirit,
clash each day.
Inside there is a war being fought,
for who shall guide our way.

Our flesh awakens,
with a want to sin.
Then it goes on to tell us,
how to begin.

"Just trust me,
I won't lead you astray!"
 ”Everything you want,
you should have today!"

Fortunately our spirit,
stands ready to defend.
As it reminds us of consequence's,
and how this will end.

Our flesh will counter with,
“how bad can that really be?
Everyone else does it,
just listen to me!”

Then our spirit reminds us too,
“think before we leap.
For as we sow,
we will surely reap."

Then our flesh will admit,
“well it might be a little bad. ”
"But while we're doing it,
we'll be glad!"

Then our spirit reminds us,
our eternal bill has been paid.
“There is no reason to start again,
with more mistakes made.”

Flesh always wants,
any apple that seems free.
While our spirit tries to warns us,
"there’s a snake in that tree!."


Crossing Time

At mans greatest crossroad,
a marker was placed.
Marking the moment,
GOD gave us grace.

For a few short moments,
time stood still.
As this cross was erected,
high on a hill.

Pointing the way,
that all might find.
A place of forgiveness,
for all mankind.

As the years roll by,
and moments still cross.
This marker still stands,
to welcome the lost.

Many have passed,
ignoring the sign.
But for all who looked up,
they crossed in time.