The Prayer of Zeal

If I am to live Oh LORD,
Let it be with great zeal.
Not with pompous words,
Or even in how I feel!

Oh LORD, may just a part of Your passion,
 Live in one as simple as me.
And may my steps honor You,
For all to see!

For to live without Your passion,
Is to die slowly each day.
Like a ship with no compass,
Sailing away!

No port ahead,
No mission to complete.
Just another day on board,
Lost to the fleet!

Sailing the globe,
But never seeing the sites.
Passing great cities,
Only at distance, 
seeing their lights.

May The LORD call me home,
Should I grow this cold.
For should my passion die,
May I never grow old!


Eternity Calls

Where will you be,
in a thousand years?
Rejoicing with JESUS,
or trembling in fear?

Will you have met,
the apostles of old?
Or have been in torment
for what seems, like time untold.

The just and the unjust,
are each promised their day.
Both promised eternity,
both promised their pay.

Eternity for all,
will know no end.
And for all mankind,
   it's waiting for them...


Ancient of Days

On throne so pure,
it appears like fire.
At a place so high,
none can go higher.

Sits GOD, so holy,
in His glory and power.
As the scent of mercy and grace,
fills His tower.

At the sound of His voice,
time stands still.
As He stretches forth His hand,
death is quelled.

To stand in His presence,
all evil must flee.
To accept His Son,
sets one free.

Millenniums pass,
yet He remains the same.
As His Spirit and Word,
still honor His name.

Who is so mighty,
That He never changes His ways?
Only, The GOD of Forever,
The Ancient of Days.


GOD Most High


  Oh GOD, Most High,
maker of everything.
You are awesome in power,
and in the love that You bring.

When the words are sung,
their is none other like You.
Few realize...
these words are true.

With the most colorful imagination,
that man can explore.
It falls short of the majesty,
of The GOD I adore.

Most High, Your ways are holy,
Your heart so pure.
With all that life offers,
only in You am I sure.

Your ways never change,
Oh Holy One.
For, You are the same this day,
as when time begun.

Psalm 7:10


GOD of Forever

be the GOD of Forever.
For He is always welcome,
 in this place.

For through His Spirit,
and by His Son.
He is GOD,
and He's the only one.

But as time marches on,
man seems to have forgot.
Who GOD is,
and who He is not.

When all was dark,
before time began.
He was GOD,
Before there was man.

It was GOD who spoke,
and all became whole.
From the land too the sea,
too mans very soul.

He is still GOD,
and He is still there.
He's the GOD of Forever,
and He still cares!

Genesis 1:1