Home Of The Damned

Past the gates of time,
Lies an eternal domain.
The master of which,
Is the god all shame.

You'll find no mercy here,
In this kingdom of grief.
Just mans final reward,
for his lack of belief.

It's a place that smells,
Of great sickening and rot.
Where sin is the flame,
And the fire dieth not.

Forgiveness and mercy,
They aren't found here.
Just misery and grief,
with darkness and fear.

With your destiny now settled,
As you pass through the gate.
The sign on the wall,
reads, NOW IT'S TO LATE.

Your home is now,
The most evil land.
Home of the cursed,
Home of the damned.


Judgement Day

At the edge of infinity,
Where time stands still.
Past the doors of the ages,
And the days of mans will.

A time of great judgement,
Has been set for the earth.
For this day of appointment,
Awaits all from birth.

The princes and paupers,
Will stand side by side.
Where wealth nor poverty,
offer nowhere to hide.

Billions of people,
From millions of places.
All will stand before GOD,
as eternity faces.

Many will weep,
With tears that rejoice.
While the rest are reminded,
You were given a choice.

GOD's SPIRIT called all,
By His Presence and Word.
No excuses that day,
For all will have heard.


One Stepped Out

After feeding the masses,
And praying all night.
JESUS set out,
Just before light.

Walking the sea,
Like no mortal could.
When the disciples first saw Him,
None understood.

They said, "it's a spirit,
Walking the sea".
JESUS, called back,
No, it's just Me.

Peter said Lord,
If it's really you.
Allow me to come,
And do as you do.

JESUS said come,
To this man of the sea.
Then with his eyes on JESUS,
his trust was in He.

Peter walked on the water,
Like no mortal before.
Then he felt the wind and the waves,
Pushing from shore.

The wind and the waves,
began coming so near.
Then Peter's faith began to falter,
As he did fear.

In the blink of an eye,
The water was cold.
Attempting to drown,
One fearless and bold.

JESUS saved Peter,
When he fell into doubt.
For though he fell,
Only Peter stepped out.


Missing You

I thought I'd just write,
To let you know.
I've been missing you,
And I still love you so.

I know we don't visit,
or talk like we should.
But every time that I call,
You say the times not good.

Every time I make plans,
For just you and Me.
Something always comes up,
And you can't get free.

I grow jealous for time,
With you alone.
You see I still love you,
Even though you've been gone.

So from My throne in heaven,
I just wanted you to know.
I miss you,
And I still love you so.

Forgiveness... Rules!

Forgiveness' origin,
comes high from above.
It comes from The One,
of mercy and love.

When Adam first sinned,
the devil thought he had won.
But God said forgiveness,
shall come through My Son.

So no matter,
the great size of your sin.
God says forgiveness,
is where it shall end.

If the forgiveness of God,
rules in your life.
There will be no time,
for bitterness and strife.

Forgiveness is something,
that always gives.
Though a heart be broken,
forgiveness still lives.

As Jesus forgave,
as man killed Him in strife.
No let us do...
 as He did,
and forgive in our life.