The Prayer of Zeal

If I am to live Oh LORD,
Let it be with great zeal.
Not with pompous words,
Or even in how I feel!

Oh LORD, may just a part of Your passion,
 Live in one as simple as me.
And may my steps honor You,
For all to see!

For to live without Your passion,
Is to die slowly each day.
Like a ship with no compass,
Sailing away!

No port ahead,
No mission to complete.
Just another day on board,
Lost to the fleet!

Sailing the globe,
But never seeing the sites.
Passing great cities,
Only at distance, seeing their lights.

May The LORD call me home,
Should I grow this cold.
For should my passion die,
May I never grow old!


I Was No One Special

As I passed through the valley of the shadow of death, I saw light growing stronger and brighter than words could describe, though the light was piercing, it was not painful.
My feet then touched down on what looked like streets of gold, shinning with great luster, to my right I heard my name, and as I turned, Jesus stood smiling, welcome; I’ve been waiting for you!
All my words were gone, I could only cry as a repetitive thank you, began to spout out over and over, thank you Lord, thank you Lord.
After a time of thanking and praising, I said, Lord you were waiting to greet me?

Yes, He replied I greet all who arrive; you were one of many today, come let Me show you around.
As I turned to go with Him, I was lost for words at my surroundings, I thought, Hollywood couldn’t have even dreamed this.
In what looked like mile after mile as far as I could see there were mansions, none small, none describable by earth terms, but mansions, oh were there mansions!
These homes were sectioned off like neighborhoods, just not like any neighborhood I had ever seen, all had yards and many had streams in the yard, some sat on hillsides, others on plains, none in valleys.

Vegetation seemed to be in full growth as I walked by, I recognized some, but most I did not.  I said, Lord is it harvest time?
 He smiled and said it’s always harvest time here, we don’t have off seasons.

Then I realized, they get plenty of Son-shine here everyday, except there was no sun in the sky, the Son was walking right beside me.
As we continued to walk the beauty of all I was seeing was indescribable, and as the Lord pointed out and explained what was what, I stopped in my tracks, I said Lord, pardon me for asking, but are You sure I was the one you were waiting on?
 Now I know You don’t make mistakes, but are You sure it was me. You know this I’m sure, but on the earth I was nobody special, as a matter of fact Lord, I wasn’t special at all, and I was more the nobody than the special.

 I had no great accomplishments; I’m sure all these homes we have walked by are for very important people.
Jesus turned to me and smiled, then said, they are,
 all these homes are for very important people.
 Come I’d like to introduce you to some of them, so we turned at the next yard, and walked right up to the front porch, where several people had gathered.
Everyone came toward us, I knew it wasn’t me they were coming to meet, Jesus told them He had stopped by to introduce them to their new neighbor. As He did they walked up one by one, the first one’s name was Jon-Ji, as I extended my hand I said it is an honor sir, what did you do on the earth?
Jon-Ji, smiled like he had been asked this before, and then began to tell me his story, I fished all my life on the river where my village sat, and I fished that my family and my village might eat. I only lived thirty five years, but not before I met an evangelist from your country, he introduced me to Jesus, until then I only knew of my little world, he explained how Jesus had came to our world and sacrificed Himself for all men, including me, and asked if I would accept Him as my savior, and so I did. With a great smile he said, I was no one special, until I met Jesus.
The second to come up and introduce themselves to me was a woman by the name of Elandria, as I extended my hand, I said it is an honor madam, and what did you do on the earth?
I was a mother of five, a wife, a daughter, and eventually a grandmother, our village was small, we all worked the fields, day in day out, that we might survive. The crops were all we had, they were our lives, until one day an evangelist from your country came to our village. She taught us that God, had sent His Son Jesus, to the very earth we lived on, on our behalf, to be a sacrifice for all on the earth. My life on the earth was sixty one years, with a smile she said, you see, I wasn’t anybody special on the earth, until I met Jesus.
These introductions and life stories continued for dozens of ordinary everyday people, from different ages, different walks of life, all ending with the sentence, I was nobody special till I met Jesus.
I stood silent as the last one finished their story; all had now walked off the porch except me and Jesus.
 And as I looked at the Lord, He spoke, you see, all are special people here.  You expected people of great merit, like those who died in preaching the gospel, or were killed for what they believed, and they are here, and you will meet them.  
But understand this, there are no ordinary people here, all are special. All lived lives that honored Me, all sought to bring friends and family along, some came, some chose not, but all were invited!
Now you said you were nobody what on the earth?
I was nobody special… till I met You Lord!

And with those words I awoke, in my bed with the most amazing sense of peace, then realizing this had been a dream…...or had it?

The Pendulum Winds Down

In God's perfect time,
There was no end.
For time never mattered,
When there was no sin.

But the day Adam fell,
Times clock began.
As the world started spinning,
From the sins of man.

Round and round,
Time and again.
As the earth grew drunker,
from spinning in sin.

Sinning and spinning,
Spinning in sin.
Time cries for more,
Now sensing the end...

For as true as beginning's,
Even time has an end.
As the pendulum winds down,
On the time of sin. 

The Letter

In days of weakness,
When you've felt lost.
I remembered the day,
You came to the cross.

Bowing so reverent,
Before God's throne.
From that day forth,
You were never alone.

Oh, there have been times,
That you have strayed.
But My Spirit inside you,
Always has stayed.

The days you felt,
Covered in sin.
The day's you thought,
I'll never win.

Even the days you tied,
 My Hands.
Those days when you chose,
your ways,
and not My plans. 

The days you saw,
Loved ones die.
The days you cried,
Why, God why?

Though you didn't recognize me,
I was always there.
I longed for the moment,
That you'd find me in prayer.

You see I never stopped caring,
For you my child.
I just thought you should know,
 we haven't talked in a while.


The Martyr

There are many great lands,
Where worshiping God,
 Is a mans choice.
Then there are lands,
Where God has no voice.

Through pagans and politics,
God's message has been stilled.
And all who teach of His Son,
Are tortured and killed.

From the time of Stephen,
To present day.
Many are still martyred,
For to whom, they pray.

Death by torture,
If you teach God's Word.
Many have died,
But more have heard!

When one martyr dies,
They become like a seed,
 To the earth.
Their fruit may be gone.
But they died to give birth.