Praise! Praise!! Praise!!!

Let the praises of God,
fill my mouth.
May I roar like a lion,
not squeak like mouse.

Through the words of praise,
mountains will fall.
As we lift up His name,
and answer His call.

To praise our God,
destroys the yoke.
When times are tight,
and we're feeling the choke.

The habitation of God,
comes down to our praise.
As we lift up His name,
and delight in His ways.

Let the praise of God's people,
be a worshipful thing.
For through their praise,
His presence it brings.


Love and Kindness

Love and kindness,
come from the same one.
He is the Master,
God's Only Son.

Mercy not sacrifice,
does He seek.
Not only in deeds,
but when we speak.

A kind word here,
a giving heart there.
To someone in need,
is an answered prayer.

For when you are down,
and think no one cares.
Look to the heavens,
for He hears your prayers.

He's waiting there,
His arms open wide.
Not only to love you,
but to stand by your side.


God Most High

Oh God, Most High,
maker of everything.
You are awesome in power,
and in the love that You bring.

When the words are sung,
their is none other like You.
Few realize,
these words are true.

With the most colorful imagination,
that man can explore.
It falls short of the majesty,
of The God I adore.

Most High, Your ways are holy,
Your heart so pure.
With all that life offers,
only in You am I sure.

Your ways never change,
oh Holy One.
You are the same this day,
as when time begun.

Psalm 7:10