Missing You

I thought I'd just write,
To let you know.
I've been missing you,
And I still love you so.

I know we don't visit,
or talk like we should.
But every time that I call,
You say the times not good.

Every time I make plans,
For just you and Me.
Something always comes up,
And you can't get free.

I grow jealous for time,
With you alone.
You see I still love you,
Even though you've been gone.

So from My throne in heaven,
I just wanted you to know.
I miss you,
And I still love you so.


The Tree

At the foot of great mountains,
stands the strongest of trees.
Near the river that gives life,
whose flow is to ease.

But life has a way,
to test power and strength.
Even of the mighty tree,
high in its length.

First comes a drought,
to burn on the land.
It comes to test the trees roots,
and weaken its stand.

Then come the insects,
that eat up its leaves.
They destroy all growth,
bringing only disease. 

Now sickened and dry,
the rotting begins.
With no sap in its branches,
to hold back the winds.

At a place where power and fruit,
proudly once stood.
Now lay the weak and the barren,
just brittle wood.


One Little Drop

Clouds drift in,
moisture begins to build.
Then the clouds break open,
as rain begins to spill.

 One drop in time,
just a one-time drop.
Origin from above,
sent from the top.

Just one little drop,
headed for the ground.
Lost amongst the masses,
all headed down.

Just a vapor in time,
falling to earth.
Sent for a purpose,
to add to it's worth.

Unsure of who it may touch,
as it flows strait down.
Given just a moment,
then on to the ground.

All will water,
one thing or another.
While refreshing the lives,
of one another.

12:7 And the dust returns to the ground it came
from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.