The Wounded

In the field of battle,
that is the Christian life.
Many lie wounded,
 just clinging to life.

Their battles were not,
of bombs or guns.
But battles lost in the spirit,
to unholy one's.

As the smoke rises,
from the field of war.
Some lie dead,
while many lie tore.

Some wounds were inflicted,
by evil ambushes from behind.
While others fought carelessly,
trusting only their mind.

Warriors lie wounded to the point,
that their mission is now incomplete.
Reduced to a causality,
though their hearts still beat.

Their faith wounded,
Now they lie as lifeless as death.
Willing to lie on the field,
until final rest.

Wound's of ones spirit,
heals not, like the skin.
For these wounded warriors,
are wounded within.